PC usa VANISHED AGE! Great community awesome clans!


New name, new server - Vanished Age

This is an active 18+, RP optional, 3x boost to all, pvp/drop on death server. We have AMAZING impartial Admins that will be making the battle master/pvp arena and other quests. Fun things are in the works, such as a capture the flag game and treasure hunts. There is no resource blocking, Obelisk blocking, grief building, spam or real world racism allowed. The server uses Pippi and Age of Calamitous. The list order in your mods tab should be Pippi 1st then Age of Calamitous 2nd. Players of all kinds who are looking for a friendly server to call their home are welcomed and encouraged to join!

Currently no wipes are planned. There is a daily reset to keep crashes away. Player feedback and suggestions are also welcome as we plan on growing and supporting the community that come to call Vanished Age their home. Raid times are 6pm – Midnight PST. We discourage the destruction of all new players bases, as well as grief wiping. Player made community buildings are more than welcome! Come and help us grow a fun RP server! We’ll be happy to have you!