[PC] Your Highness - Relaxed Server - PvP/RP Options - Whitelist

All settings at default, wanted to create a genuine Conan Exiles server to play with other players in a relaxed setting. This is a server that I am running on a dedicated commercial Server PC running in my house :slight_smile: Have been running this 24/7 for the past week or 2, and wiping fresh tonight!

All are free to build where they want and engage in PvP and RP if they would like, however griefing will not be allowed. You are expected to be friendly and welcoming of others, at least at first :). 420 friendly, and I’d love others to voice chat, smoke, and adventure in the land of Mourne err I mean Conan together! :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone is welcome though!

Everyone interested in joining the server, message me or comment below with your Steam ID and I can add you to the whitelist (I can give instructions on how to find ID, or you can just message me your Steam name and a description of your picture and I can look up your steam ID). Server is listed under “Your Highness”. Any questions will be answered in this thread or through message.

Bump :slight_smile: Need people to populate the server!