(PC) Zanthia server

New server called Zanthia.

So after playing this game on several different servers, I have come to realize running a server is one of the only ways people can enjoy a multiplayer experience to the fullest potential.

Why? I played pvp servers and enjoyed it. The problem is I have to give up my real life to ensure my base does not get destroyed. The time commitment is too heavy on a pure pvp server. So I tried PVE Conflict servers. I enjoy the freedom these servers offer as in my real life time. The problem is the server gets so clogged up with bases and old floating thralls, massive lag spikes start. I counted over 500 floating thralls on my conflict server.

So I welcome all players to Zanthia. Feel free to pop in anytime.

What we have

  • 3x xp
  • 3x harvest
  • no building damage (buildings will be policed by admins for issues like blocking or abandonment).
  • pvp 24/7
  • Admin run monster events (tower appears in desert with mobs and loot chests, or cave filled with x monsters). Events will be announced in global for players to explore. The admin guild will sometimes post as player controlled enemies at events.

What we do not have.
Admin abuse is something you will never see here. You can bind camp me all day if you want to. pvp is pvp.

I look forward to keeping a clean smooth running server with loads of fun stuff to do. Also look forward to being hunted down by the players.