Pending Connection Failure "Could not connect to server. User is banned from this server."

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: (Online official]
Type of issue: [User is banned from this server]
Server type: [ PvE]
Region: [LATAM]

I just saw that I cannot enter any official server, I play on 2 servers 1976 and 6308, the strangest thing is that I cannot enter servers that I have never played, how can I solve this problem and who should I contact, thank you very much!

and greetings from the lands of the Incas

[Describe the bug here]
Pending Connection Failure “Could not connect to server. User is banned from this server.”

Nice bug report :stuck_out_tongue:

You can submit it here instead. There is a section for why am I banned?

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Hola, ¿que tal?

Cuando te banean, el ban aplica a todos los servidores oficiales, no solo los servidores donde ya has creado un personaje.

Tal como dijo Narelle, abre un ticket en ZenDesk y asegurate de seleccionar “Ban Information (Why was I banned)?” en el tipo de solicitud:

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Thank you very much for your answer, I already made my claim, the truth is, I do not understand anything, I have respected all the rules and above all I do not have problems with anyone.

Were you in a clan? Bans are almost always applied to the whole clan, not individual members. You might have gotten banned for something the rest of the clan did. It’s in the rules :man_shrugging:

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I have read all the current rules and everything has been respected, I do not find sense, it also says that they warn here I do not see warnings, we do not use any type of cheating, we are players of legal age.

It has been several days and I have not received an answer about my case, I hope they do not delay because I have been playing for a long time on the official servers, :frowning:

please check my request in zenden, thank you very much

Zendesk: Request (18764)
Id. de Steam: 76561197999132058

Good morning, please review my request, I do not want to lose all the work done in the game, this type of game one invests in electrical resources and above all time, I really appreciate understanding.

Hello, I am worried about the Funcom administration, I quickly made the ticket to help me, but the days go by and in 7 days I can lose everything built, no one to date has responded to my request, how is that possible? And they don’t explain why? I don’t understand anything.

I am sorry my friend.

I am sorry that due to mismanagement and not checking the facts responsibly, you have been banned, when you, as far as I know, have always been a correct player and even concerned about taking care of the map’s places of interestm resources etc, and even worried about the “ecology” of the exiled lands

come on people! he is going to lose his effort, people have invested money and time in your game, have a little empathy with those who finance your company and project

I just received an answer, that I use Exploit, but I do not use cheats, I was doing SHAGGAI WARRIOR and SHAGGAI DRONE PETS, watching this video and I had like 2 kick’s from the server, how is it possible, will I pay the penalty even if I am innocent?


Greetings Exile and we apologize for the delayed reply.

Your account has been temporarily suspended from playing on official servers for 7 days starting on Match 25th.
The suspension was implemented due to to using exploits in game. Your suspension should end on the 1st of April.

You can view the current terms of conduct here:
Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

Our team has verified your suspension length, nature of the infraction(s) committed, and the number of incidences, and has determined that your account’s temporary suspension is currently non-appealable.
Please be aware that although access to Official Servers is restricted for your account, you may still play in private server and single-player/co-op sessions.

Please, I have not committed any infraction and I will lose my base on server # 6308, it is an injustice.

Hi @SupaY

If you have any concerns regarding your Conan Exiles account, please feel free to reach out to us via Zendesk

We will do our best to help you out.