Pending connection failure is getting crazy

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance
Region: 3827

Been having alot of issues getting on in last few day from pending connection failure

Send several reports about it but never gotten a response back

Thought at first it might be someone fixing issues but been steadily happens more and more

Also noticing increases in render when loading in on doors, crafting table and gates

20-30 min waits some times

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.try and log in
2.screen starts to load
3.flash of black
4. Then back to main screen

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Freezes mid game and boots you too?
I’ve been experiencing this for the past few days as well.

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Hello @Mbannar, thank you for getting in touch!

Is your character logged out in an area with a high amount of buildings, light sources and thralls?

Did the issue only occur after the latest patch or have you experienced similar issues before?

Could you also let us know if your game installed to an HDD or SSD, and whether your PS4 is connected through wired or wireless?

Wired on ps4

Decent amount on main base, but built a small hunting cabin and have same issue when I log out there also

It is not constant sometimes 5 mins others 30
In the same log in spot for render

Mostly since patch, also having a stability issue at the same base that put in another post not sure if that would matter

Not sure what hhd or ssd means
High definition tv

That would be internal or external hard drives one is digging one mechanical

We would also suggest that you try to restart your router, re-validate your licenses through the Playstation settings, or even reinstall, as there have been cases in which these procedures have helped others with similar issues.

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