People are quitting Conan


Hmm i noticed whenI go near one chest in particular with my legendary weapons in it, I get lagged. That is on the PS4.

you started out so well objectively and completely lost me on the last part, how do you know that those who complain is a vast majority?

Steam statistics are mostly approved by the update, and I’ve been asking on the server what game on XBOX people are, are finding and liking, everyone is liking.

It is only a correction of inventory failure and arc closure that has to be corrected, and old errors.

This is the update of R1 spamming.
No fight ability needed . Just spam R1. If you have claws and enemies can hit you for first , you are dead!

i have a xbox gportal server since update no one can be online more than until they need to open inventry then its a game crash for all .im paying for a busy server but no one can stay on it,i have managed in 10 attempts to train a horse but cannot try it as im dissconected all the time

I think @sirvink explained it quite well:

At this moment, the poll on the official feedback thread indicates that 60% of voters are straight up opposed, 24% are neutral or want adjustments before accepting it, and only 16% like the change.

You could interpret this as anything between a 60/40 split and a 84/16 split. That fits in my definition of “overwhelming”.

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PVP players like it, while PVE players hate it.

Solution: Have the effect turned on for PVP servers, but not on PVE servers. Single player players can choose to turn it on or off. Will that work for most people?

This is the update pro noob.
They are denying the evidence : THIS PATCH IS AWFUL.
Removed all kind of abilities in PvP .

and are they doing anything to allow us xbox players to even be able to log in and play ?

Bro I understand your frustration at the current Xbox issues and your quite within your right to complain about it and want to be heard but your doing it in nearly every thread I’m looking at. Have you posted it in the Xbox bugs section cause no offence but that’s kinda where it belongs mate.

I don’t think it nearly as clear cut as that. First of all, different people dislike different aspects of the update. For example, I hate the momentum-based movement but love the dodge. I’ve seen other players who love the momentum-based movement but hate the dodge.

Second, it’s not a clear PVE/PVP split, either. There are those who complain that the update ruined PVP, there are those who said it’s finally good.

Not only will it not work for most people, it won’t work for Funcom. The vast majority of things that differentiate PVE and PVP are settings that can take a whole range of values, instead of turning a specific logic on or off. In general, all game devs avoid on/off toggles like that as much as possible, because it means having to spend time and effort on maintaining code that isn’t used all the time.

This idea is worse than that, because it doesn’t turn some specific logic on or off – it switches from one logic to another. So Funcom would have to test and maintain two different code paths and that’s even more expensive.

That’s basically why they don’t completely split PVE and PVP, because that would mean developing and maintaining two games instead of one.

Yes sirvink explained it well at the beginning, but at the end he says that a vast majority of players are against, if he means in this or other forum posts, yes then he is right, but I don’t buy “the vast majority” when we have no way to count those that don’t go on forums to post their opinions - That was my point :wink:

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Pvp players werent always like that ?(i have nothing against em, just pointing out the obvious)… It is in the absolute nature of ANY pvp oriented game that u need to take advantage anything that gives u superiority… It was carpets,chairs underwater, undermeshing,wall stacking, dupe glitch, spear Opness, thralls being op etc… Why r u so annoyed ? Cause this time the glitch does not suits u?

So you disagree that sampling works well enough. Fair enough :man_shrugging:

This is a bug, not intended mechanic. You could say that about any exploitable bug. Funcom will hot fix that, then those that relied on it will be weeded out like the All 50 stat in the beginning (May 2018). Once they “Fixed” it (the first time, as it seems to find a way back every so often) many an Alpha got clobbered and left servers.

Personally neutral on chances, but population has increased since patch.

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I’ve worked many years in software development, and one thing I’ve learned there is that feedback right after changes doesn’t always give you a true picture, quite often people changed once they got more comfortable with the changes, not always and not everyone, but sometimes small adjustments made it much easier to swallow.
I have never worked in game development, so I can’t really say how they handle such situations internally, I’m just guessing using my own experience :slight_smile:


right so no thrall bugs or thrall resets, the 40% bugs, the fact that xbox can hardly stay online needs to be fixed, oh wait there is more right, not the fact that if you run into a rock and stop or that your horse can not jump over a 2lb rock, none of those things need addressed right? Oh wait there is more is there not, so do not need fix the fact that many have head cut off when in inventory , that is ok right not a bug at all, its a new feature.

Before you go saying only this few things need fixed you should maybe go and read the bug reports from each system as there is a whole S%%T ton more that needs fixed in this patch then “It is only a correction of inventory failure and arc closure that has to be corrected, and old errors” for many of us its broken a lot more then a few things are wrong.

I have No idea who you are asking as no one , I mean not one I know and play with or have played with enjoy or LIKE these bugs. There are things in the update that work and are fun but the bugs ruin all that, the server freezes, the fatal errors , its a mess and to say its not is not being truthful with yourself, others or Funcom, they can not fix what we do not tell them is broken.

All these changes and I still fall through my floor or float around my well built house.

Me too, and I agree that the feedback right after changes is generally going to be reactionary, but that doesn’t make changes good or bad. I think that’s one of the reasons – albeit a very minor one compared to others – why Funcom is letting this poll sit for a while :wink:

I’ve only had a two-year stint in game dev out of 20+ in software dev, but during that time I’ve talked to other, more experienced devs a lot. My impression is that these situations are normally handled by introducing further tweaks and adjustments. It’s very rare to have a complete rollback of a whole feature, unless it’s actually bugged to hell or something like that.

The feedback from the community is gathered from some sort of sample and then considered in design meetings and such. The feedback is only one part of the whole picture, though. Every online game has some mechanism for measuring the changes in how many people play, how long, etc. Depending on how dire the situation is, the community feedback will be considered with more or less, and the changes, if any, will be deployed sooner or later.