People Can't farm, kill or do anything


Hey @pinkfluffy

Which server had this happen again? And at which time? (and timezone)


Hi Ignasis

This is a private server here’s the ip address it appears in server list as UK, PVE,NOWIPES,FRIENDLY RELAXED,OED

A mechanism for admins to restart server would be sweet as the main server admin and owner is usually hibernating.

Me and my fellow admin once tried to restart the server ourselves by summoning shalbeback to force a crash n restart, when i noticed severe lag i killed my 4k spawns and just before i crashed turned around and my friend was still spawning them. Anyway we spent next six hours killing shalbeback in the north :frowning:


If you are able to get to your admin at least once, he could set up the server to do a restart daily…
Other than that, ask your server host where you find the function to restart the server (e.g. G-Portal has a small on/off-button and a larger ‘restart your server’-button on their page).


Hey @pinkfluffy

As @Starwalker pointed out, we do not handle private servers nor have any right to do so. Also, the issue you’re reporting has nothing to do with the one we’re tracking in this post. If you have any specifics about it, please take a look in our forums to check if anyone reported it recently and if not, let us know by opening a new thread :slight_smile:


It seems universally worse on the XBOX now since the last patch. The patch right before that seemed more stable, but now we are having issues being constantly kicked from official servers and doors are lagging on opening again, especially hatches


Official server #1997 JXA-C
Bug in all server
Block Farm for everyone
Full server

Hello developers.
It’s my first time on the forum and I just logged in to report an existing bug on this server as I watched it and other server players also complained about it. In this server in question, because I do not know if in other servers the same occurs, after someone from the server kills the king scorpion, all players are unable to collect resources. It simply locks the collection tools.
Could they find out the occurrence?


Hey @Thorlok

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll send it to our team straight away so they can look into it.
We also merged your thread into this one we use to keep track of this issue.


wait, what
wasnt this a desync bug, i havent have this fault since they patched it on pc
so what you telling me is that killing the scorpion did it, thats strange
i mean someone have to have killed that since the patch…


I wouldn’t be so sure…those things are ridiculously not worth messing with…all the bosses are…the time and effort it takes to kill for what you get for doing it makes it pointless…the server i’m on I am pretty sure no one has bothered with a boss for months and months. Now that being said I think the max people that have been on is 8 so if its a low pop server it makes even more sense that it hasn’t been killed in as long as a year. Just my observation.


You dont have to kill it yourself, just saying :slight_smile:


Server Kingdom of Zing unofficial dedicated. PvE-C.

Unable to open any doors, stations.
Clipping through all floors and walls except the world ground.

Did you made any link if it is a G-Portal bug ? Our server is GPortal hosted (would be the more logical issue to my eyes to make that it is hitting both official and unofficial servers at the same time, on the same day, almost same hours etc)

We also didn’t tried the server restart option yet, waiting for admins to wake up, so if anyone already tried it and it worked, please tell me.
If it didn’t, well Funcom may need to ask gportal what’s going on ^^


EDIT : after a server restart, it seems to have been fixed, so i can only recommend to all unofficial servers owners to restart their servers to see if it works for them too (should be same for official, but players will have to wait that the specific servers are reported)


It seems all the major ways this issue was triggered in the past have been fixed, but some instances might remain. If it happens again, could you please report back to us trying to provide as much information as you can?
Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


You mention private server thereefore it is hosted and so you/Admin should be able to login and restart the server. The Admin can also verify the install and any mods or simply roll back to a previous version of gameplay (unless the hosting is not by a reputable company in which case…?)


Our server, which is XBOX PVP 2575, crashed at least twice during PVP hours last night.

In addition, some people complained of suspicious timing around getting kicked, and are leveling accusations of DOS attacks.

I am wondering if there is any way to determine if there were DOS attacks, or some way to rule them out.

Any guidance around this would be appreciated.

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