People Can't farm, kill or do anything


Please keep the thread on topic.

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Thanks for clarifying.

I have seen people accusing each other of things like DOS attacks during raid time, but I think most of those accusations are mistaken.

We have been part of huge multi-clan battles with 20 or more people fighting around huge bases, with explosives going off all over the place.

In those cases the game has become unstable with massive lag and people getting kicked, etc…

During raid time it is clear that active servers come under very heavy load, and it is possible that no one is doing anything nefarious.

I do agree with the suggestion to report such suggestions to FunCom through their exploit hunters channel, as it is always possible someone could be doing something wrong.

Also… XBOX One X has made a HUGE difference for me in those cases since I upgraded.

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@Ignasis, getting back on topic as requested:)

After patch 2575 XBOX North America PVP server initially feels better, but I will monitor how we do over upcoming heavy load times.

We have a pretty active and connected community on the server, so I will try to get feedback from as many people as possible to get you the best data I can.

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Server 1305 down, players left it, not connect, nps not attackaleble, res not grown.
1.5-2 hours ±
pls restart it


Again and again and again, we can’t farm on 1038 Pve C server …
Please restart the server …


1038 Official PVE C server got the bug again now tonight aprox 15 mins ago, all players on server have same problem using tools to harvest and so on


The server just restart, BUT it’s the same… We can’t farm…
official 1038 PVE.C


Just for the record 1038 PVE C worked again after restart, it just took 5-10 mins after restart before it worked again, seems like it took a while to load in

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yesterday 1059 falls again at afternoon, at midmight o’clock the server had a reset and works fine again, but this time dont notify players, only “disconnecting” after 10 minuts server up.

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Apprx 4 months ago I quit the game due to some bug and glitch problems.
I started to play the game 2 days ago but I have noticed that there are more serious problems in the game.

1- Even thought there is no animation on the screen, the rival can beat and kill me.
2- The server create a short pause, pvp mode stops and can not run any farm process

For example, I raided the competitors, when they saw me they turned off pvp and I could not damage their bases and theirselves. Then later, their teammates came and killed me.

It is time wasting even if these guys use the bugs and we have no chance for us to win in the game

I played 1313 offical server , please check server log ‘’ server crash time , pvp or farms on off time log ‘’

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Server 1305, same like yestarday, npc not attackable sometimes, resources not taken


make restart pls for 1305, we cant atack nps, but they can us


Our private server was hit with this issue again today, rebooted and db clean up resolved it, for now.

I jumped into the server as soon as i got reports of it happening. It was very strange in that when we’ve had really bad lag issues in the past nothing would work. However, I noted today:

1, I clicked the door to open, visually the door hadn’t opened, but I could walk through the doorway and get outside. 2 min later, the door was still closed visually, but i could still walk inside the house.
2, I didn’t get any rubberbanding.
3, I could kill a croc (with lag)
4, I could see the inventory in a chest/box, but couldn’t open it or look inside
5, I was falling through the foundations as if walking on the dirt.
6, I was the only player connected and my pc is on the same LAN as the server in an area with no other buildings. My house is just a 3x3x2 box, one furnace, one bed, one chest.


Seems like this is a different problem that i experience on official servers. My character has no lag when running around and i can open doors and vaults and boxes like normal, just cant harvest anything with tools and issues with npc’s not attacking.

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yesterday again server 1059 crash at 22:00 aprox. Also at 0:30 gportal restarts server.
More feeback: At 18:00 server was fully lagged, jumps, freezes, and bad performance.

@Tascha @Ignasis @Jens_Erik funcom when release patch for this matter?


Hey there,

As usual, we don’t like to give estimates as many things could happen that could alter it, but we’re currently testing a hotfix that we aim to release next week that is intended to alleviate this issue significantly. :slight_smile:


Same problem again on 1038 official server, all players affected at same time, please restart

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Server PVE C 1038 always the same problem.
Please restart…


Maybe a day FunCom will solve this problem…