People covering up in game tools

I’m playing on server 3514 and hunting recipes. People are able to build over them and close in game content.

please fix.

PVP, blow it up (would contact community, as this may be one of those “Alphas will wipe you because you blew my crap up and you are the toxic one” traps) and let them know you are only trying to open up a recipe.

PVE/PVE-C…you may be screwed. this is one of those occasions with the screen shot that Funcom should step in and tell the Clan/Player to dismantle in 24 hours, or the entire clan will get a 15 day server ban (enough time for it to decay, along with all their stuff).


One of the reasons one can’t play online :sweat:
Yes, they all should be instantly banned from the server.
Try to report them with evidence like FC asks (screenshot or video and coordinates).
Hope it gets solved soon.

Good hunting!

One more reason why I’ll never play on official servers. Good luck, hope this gets resolved.

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