People don't know what they want (or do they)

I find it so interesting how many players who play on PvP actually don’t enjoy the PvP aspect of the game and end up just getting angry frustrated and upset over others raiding/killing or targeting them.

At the same time you have so many players on PvE who go out of their way to essentially PvP on PvE servers, going as far as breaking the ToC of PvE just so they can get their PvP fix.

This is not a conan specific problem, I have seen this in almost every game that offers the choice between a PvP and PvE experience. I used to think they were just lost individuals looking for a mid ground, little bit of PvP and little bit of PvE, but since starting Conan and seeing they have PvE-C which is kind of like that middle ground, players still can’t stop themselves from pushing the boundaries.

I am now starting to come to the conclusion that these players arent just unsure of what they want, I think they know exactly what they want and that is to cause angst and upset others. I’m sure there are those who are just misplaced and even though they want one thing they actually can’t let go of the other. Failed PvP players who can’t let go of PvP and so pick on PvE players because it makes them feel strong, and Failed PvE players who got bored of PvE but actually arent cut out for the PvP experience.

I don’t know what the solution to this would be or if there even is one, but I just find it so fascinating how prevalent a problem this is. Personally I play both, I enjoy PvP and when I am on PvP I never complain or take getting raided personally, I understand it is part of the game and it is healthy to almost expect it to happen, realize all progress is temporary and find enjoyment in the grind of restarting. It is however nice to be able to relax and just build or try something new without the threat of others halting your progress. So like a sensible rational person I change servers depending on what I am looking for and don’t seek to incorporate the one into the other.

I’m just curious as to others thoughts on this issue, whether you feel you have a solution, or an experience to share, maybe some insight into the mentality behind this mode mismatch, heck maybe you are guilty of this and want to help others understand why. It’s astounding to me how prevalent it is.


the most recent fun i had about this battle of nonsence is the brimstone lake lock problem subject lol

While it happen most of the time on pve server because building can’t be destroy, that’s (of course ?) the fault of those silly pvp player that are trash and don’t play the game right xD

Well rather they arent playing in the right mode. People looking for PvP should not be trying to find it on PvE, same thing with PvE players on PvP. Sure players are welcome to try the servers they want to and can play both PvP and PvE, but it’s silly to deliberately try to mix the two and bring elements and playstyles from the one into the other. It’s all just a question of adhering to the type of server one chooses to join.

Lol, I think even then we would get the same thing happening. The way I see it these days is that players using PvE mentalities in PvP servers are just misguided and misplaced, there is just a learning curve that they need to overcome. But players using PvP mentalities on PvE servers are in it for other reasons, I think most of those types of players do it intentionally to cause grief and mess with others. Just the general feeling I get. Although I am no expert on the matter as I don’t play much PvE, I play some but not enough to have encountered players trying to PvP on PvE servers.

I think this is a very eloquent way of putting it. I fully agree :wink:


Well with the war banners you can actually pvp on a pve server now, so I guess Funcom also suffers from this.

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DIvided gamers over the last years, one will never agree to the other
Hard for Funcom to make the right decision

I think the game should n’t stray to far from what it was ment for:

  • Explore a vast, open world
    Now with mounts, and maprooms
  • Build a home and a kingdom
    Free building, placing defences and thralls
  • Survive in a savage land
  • dominate the exiled lands
    Mostly PvP
  • Brutal, bloody combat
    Lots of different weapons and balancing choices, new animations from last updates
  • Defend your base from invading monsters
    Needs a rework in terms of dum AI tho
  • Play together or alone
    This is where a lot of trouble is atm, but its a sandbox game after all…

If you ask me they should keep focussing on this :stuck_out_tongue:


Been doing MMOs since the 90s and all have one come factor. If they have PvP,
at some time the players will get pissed off and leave. They all end up in EVE, where they can camp to their hearts content. Pure killer PvP is WWII fighter sims, but these punks dont have the time or spheres to do those type of PvP MMOs. So they come bug us.

Funcom should have learned form Age of Conan, which I still play now and then. When the PvPers cleared out because Funcom did not pacify them fast enough. You get low population servers and bad press all over the net because the PvP sucked.

Everything is for the PvPer here. Heck they even gave them a foot hold in PvE servers with battlegrounds.

PvP its everywhere, its everywhere

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Among other things.

It’s a shame what Funcom did to Age of Conan.

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When I do a pve-c server it’s because I want to build and not have it destroyed (most likely offline) and maybe duel with other players. I think the two can coexist quite well.

Problem is… people are hypocrites. They want to raid but never want to get raided.

They can not live with the fact that someone is smarter, bigger, stronger or whatever then them so they can‘t take losses like a sportsman and instead of learning from their mistakes, getting better or finding friends to play with they just complain… that is sadly how things are.


And that’s another excellent point, you don’t have to put up with someone taking their frustrations from a failed life out on you constantly, I’ll never understand what motivates a griefer? How petty and small griefers are.

I avoid PvP like a disease but 6 days ago I found myself on a PvP server. So far I have lost a horse and 3 low level thralls to a purge that spawned in our base and the first Thrall I got to 20 at the bottom of an elevator, 2 hrs after she reached 20.

PvE, PvP? The biggest war is bugs and glitches.


I know what I want. Cheetos.

Right now from what I hear, we non-mod players are also missing out on some bugs! :rofl:


To mod or not to mod is a question of taste. But I tend to agree with you. The fact that Skyrim is selling for so much time based on modding actually shows there is a gap in the game market for this kind of sandbox. One that Conan Exiles fills somewhat, it only lacks magic and fantasy races.

Actually the more I play Conan Exiles and ESO the more the overall bethesda lazyness become visible. And the more I agree with you a game should not relly on mods to be good, if it does, it’s time for a new game. And we all know Skyrim is artificially pushed onward to many platforms on the excuse of modding. Even on systems where there is no modding.

Well to be honest, Skyrim was boring without mods after 1000 hours and without mods what fixed all the game breaking bugs, same with Fallout 4 if not for mods it would have died a long time ago and again there are bugs in Fallout that make it so you can not finish the main quest that have never been fixed without a mod…

I do not think mods make the game but they fix what game companies do not bother with, they prolong the play of some of these types of games, with new quests, new places to visit. If not for mods most people would have thrown Skyrim to the side years ago.

@Shadoza I do agree mods are not needed well other then to fix the bugs as I said above but for non game breaking bugs you can play without mods but who would want to do the same old things over and over and over, most would move to a new game with new things to do. I have 4045 hours in Fallout 4 would I ever play it again with out mods, heck no way, same with Skyrim I have 3558 hours , the first run though of both mod free but then got bored of the same old thing.

Conan well only have 1687 hours but still to be honest mods make it better and help to fix some of the bugs. Having mods does not mean you rely on them but sometimes they make the game better and able to be finished as with Fallout and Skyrim most could never finish them because of the bugs that broke main quests never fixed by Bethesda.

Never underestimate the power of mods, games like 7 days to die, Skyrim, Fallout 4 and a lot of other games would probably not have been so popular or even for so long if it hadn’t been for a great modding community :slight_smile:

Well the question is how much money do they continue to make vs any effort to do upkeep. Is it free money? There can be a million mods but if the dev isnt getting any revenue from it from additional game sales, its of no value to them one way or the other. In a worse case the mods reveal game flaws that only with a mod do they need patched and the mod is common enough that they have to address it, in which case they actively lose money by allowing the mod. Maybe this doesnt happen though…