People in the mesh on 3544 inside the unarmed city

Me and my friend are a two man clan on 3544 and we are just trying to have fun on the server but that fun was quickly ruined when we noticed a clan called Odin started griefing the server so We decided to take them out and began to look for them but we quickly realized they had no base at all and were meshed in a immortal object at e5 next to the skeletons can an admin be sent to deal with these cheaters I still enjoy Conan it’s a great game but all the cheaters are starting to kill it thank you in advance

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I have video proof aswell

Hi Achilles1 and welcome to the community! Your best bet is to send a Private Message to either Ignasis or Hugo our Community Managers. Include as much evidence as you possibly can in the PM, be polite and constructive. However, do NOT post user or clan names or videos here in public threads, or the thread will likely be closed. Follow the instructions contained in the link here:

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