People on server but i cant join?


So both me and my wife play this game alot but now its litterly unplayable. I mean really we cannot go into any server at all, it takes ages to load only to boot us back to main menue or freeze with a gray error screen saying lost connection. But that on our main account, her secondary account however can join servers.

So are our mains blocked or something? Why just our main characters?

Also my wife have a female character but this is how it looks in the inventory now for some reason.


Have got todays updated patch? Yesterday I tried to get on server said I needed to create character restart ps4 and character was back. @Nakari95

Yes this issue is after the pach 1.80 that was teleased today, before that we could atleast join servers

Hello there @Nakari95!

Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.

Regarding the situation, would you kindly provide me with the PlayStation model you are using and which servers you tested? Also, are you connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

Hello, me and my wife play on the official eu server #8010 and we both play on ps4, i on wifi and she on ethernet cabel. We can now play on a exile lands server but fear loosing all the hart work on isle of siptha #8010