Perfomance Issues

So, i decided to create an account here just to share this cause i felt it was very needed. I started playing the game 5 days ago on PS5, i notice from the beggining that the perfomance was bad, but it was playable, as i was progressing the game i noticed it was getting worse and worse, right now its literally unplayable, i saw people talking about the Jouney Steps and i tried that, i cant honestly say if it helps or not, but if it does, its very little. I tried both on quality and perfomance mod, i checked other games on PS5, everything runs perfect, internet its fine, i even cleaned my PS5 and i deleted some games to have more space just in case. Im playing on single player, and i have the game in my console not in any external.

I did have all this trouble cause i was honestly loving the game but, at this point, i dont know what else can i do, the game is not playable, i dont have 30 fps, i would assume i have less than 20 fps most of the time, cant say exactly (dont know if theres a way to check on PS5). Theres also the fact that i had some invisible animals, but i dont even care about that, that is nothing compared to this perfomance problem.
We are in 2023, PS5 has a lot of power as we been watching with some releases, i would just ask to be able to at least play the game at 30fps.

Any help/tip will be deeply aprecciated


I don’t have any tips offline doesn’t seem to be working well for people. If you would like to play online my wife and I have a Exiles pve-c no loss on death boosted server you are welcome to join we started it years right after the game came out and people could not find their bodies after death
We play mostly official servers lately. The server is WYRM’S BANE under pve-c. My psn name is sestus2009. If you need help give me a shout.

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