Performance and Stutter

The Performance in this game went so worse i cant ride my horse for 1 minute without my character have 10stutters and the fps went worse too. I must play on medium to low and when i lock at a medium base from another player my fps gets under 30. The last Updates costs me so much fps. Pls Fix the Stutter and the bad performance

My client performance is getting better with every release. Maybe try updating or rolling back your display drivers? Check for mining viruses? etc.

I have stutters that started with 2.8 as well. I have not identified the reason so far and they exist even on a fresh database on a server or single-player, and a new character. My FPS is stable but I still have stutters by simply running around naked. Even with all settings on low the issue persists.

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I get the occasional “hang”… like 2 or 3 times a day, entering or exiting something with inventory slots or a panel… I get a quarter of a second hang. I’ve not seen stutter in the past 4 or 5 updates tho.

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