Performance improvement Patch 18.02 considerations

Game mode: [Online / PS4 PRO]
Problem: [ Bug | Performance ]
Region: [EU/US]

Well, I wanted to test this latest performance improvement patch, I played for an hour in EU and US, during this hour I also had a purge.

Have been greeted on log in from the standard array of bugs, bloody screen, half-HP, wrong nudity settings, old-men-effect artisan thralls and an invisible sandstorm with sunny sky hit me the moment I stepped out of my base…and few minutes into the game the heavy-breathing loop came to say “hi”, but this latest bug is honestly really rare now and easy to insta fix.

Please note I play on PS4 Pro using an SSD.
So, I ran around at full speed in places where normally I had lot of stuttering, further more ran from one end of one my medium sized bases, with around 20 thralls, to the other end during the purge, to defend and check for named thralls before my thralls would slaughter them.
To run from a point to another of a player structure with chests, benches, etc, is normally very taxing and triggers stuttering and lag, and to do so during a purge normally put on its knees the game engine, so I was happy to test this patch in probably the worst possible conditions.

I must say, while the usual annoying bugs are there (and I honestly don’t understand what’s the big deal in squashing them after so many time) the game runs WAY BETTER on my system, during this gameplay I experienced very little stuttering and in some areas even not all.
I approched severely high cliffs at running speed, expecting to have the usual lock up and plunge to my death, and with my surprise the game loaded normally and I was able to properly stop at the right time…now that’s what I call an improvement.

To sum up.
Usual annoying bugs : check, we have them all.
Stuttering : very little to nothing (but please consider I run an SSD), and this is a HUGE leap forward, since the stuttering is, from my point of view, the most game breaking problem you can experience on PS4 and particularly on PS4 PRO.

Ready to be proven wrong, but for what I have seen, finally kudos to Funcom, the first patch that I really notice making an impact on performances.

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Now if they can fix server lag and invisible enemies it would not be so frustrating to play.

The invisible enemies problem is fixable by your side, expensive maybe, but very fixable.
The problem is the PS4 stock HD that is very slow in general, and with CE is beyond acceptable limits.
Since I moved the game on an external SSD (plug and play, no opening the console, and just to be set in the ps4 menu) I didn’t have any problem, no invisibles, no missing animations, enemy models and animations load instantly and now the game is fluid even during purges or in the middle of a large group of enemies, and so the general loading time (obelisks port, players structures etc) is drastically reduced.
If you are a die hard CE fan I strongly recommend the investment.


I would appreciate some more information on what you used. Thanks

You mean what kind of substance I took before giving Kudos to Funcom ? :joy:
I guess you referring to the SSD set up ?

Either one I not tech savvy. I do have joy juice at home. :grinning:

no change, still working as before on PS4 pro. in addition the sliders issue in settings are still very slow to move, and half health on login with screen blood effect every time. invisible mobs, sound/video lag/disconnect… all still present with no change (how can this be?).

i’m playing Ark now, it too has lag, but the game is very playable. it has mounts and caves and functioning settings menu. taking a CE break, hoping funcom gets their act together.


why would anyone double the cost of their box by adding SSD?

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Keep in mind that this patch was released with the sole intention of reducing the stuttering.
No bugs fixing or other improvements.
If your stuttering has not decreased drastically after this patch I suggest you defrag (rebuild the database) of your console, it may helps, because in my case this patch, and again we are talking stuttering AND running an SSD, changed the game from night to day.

Oh that’s very simple to answer.
First, is not even remotely close to “double” the cost of your console, probably a 33% or a 25% of the original cost (1TB / 500GB)
Second, an SSD cut in half any loading time in any game you play on your console (staring for 3 minutes at the loading screen of Fallout 4 ? rings a bell ?), some game benefits more of this reduced loading time, some less, not to mention texture streaming, the superior handling of crowded multiplayer situations (siege, mass pvp), etc.
And finally, dont forget that using an external SSD, you also add another 500GB/1TB of storage to your console, allowing you to keep more videos, screenshots, applications, and of course games, without having the headache of a continuous storage-management for space.

Clearly if you are a casual gamer, that uses the console once in a while probably is not a great investment, guess to buy a console and not using it is not a great investment in general.
If you turn on your console daily to play any game instead, is totally worth it.

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