Performance issues Feedback thread - Stuttering, lag


I mean I played this game from time to time even tho I was stuttering and freezing…because the game is alot of fun. I don’t expect them to wave a magic wand and make it all better…I really just want them to know it’s happening. I’m hooked…have been since the first Sven P video I watched, but a new player who is just coming into this game might get scared away.


Hey everybody,

Have any of you tried our testlive patch? If so, have you experienced the same stuttering issues in that branch? We rolled out some optimizations that could perhaps help with those issues. Most of our devs are on vacation but I’ll keep monitoring this thread and gathering all the feedback you’re sending our way! :slight_smile:


Hey Ignasis,

I only use the testlive branch when i play Conan Exiles.

the video i posted is footage of the testlive branch :frowning:

EDIT: ill record a video of the NON testlive branch and then again with testlive so you can compare what issues we seem to be getting


Thank you for your patience and feedback. The more evidence we can gather about this, the easier it is going to be for us to reproduce it and spot the culprit. :slight_smile:


if it wasnt worth waiting for i wouldnt bother :slight_smile:

but the game is brilliant and we as a community can help solve some of the more annoying issues then im sure we will all do what we can!


Ignasis (i cant mention other users or post links still yet, but if you could, would you edit my post and remove the spaces form my links please?)

Here are the videos:


NONE - Opt out of all beta programs
REVISION (#117047/20290)

First half is settings on LOW, then after i die, i change the settings to ULTRA and change from borderless to fullscreen and enable vsync.

testlive -
REVISION (#117586/20355)

Again first half is settings on LOW, this time after i die i switch to ULTRA and go from borderless to fullscreen i dont allow vsync and set my fps to uncapped.

I have also after recording these tried playing with games affinity and reducing the cores i use. all of which have no impact on the common fps drop and death lag.

The fps drop im convinced is linked to the drawing of distant objects from my testing as i can normally find a location when it happens and just move about around that area as if i purposely move out of range of whatever is causing it, then move closer and i get the fps drop.

I would love someone with an AMD card to comment if they get this or not as from my research ive also seen only players with Nvidia cards having this issue. My kids base has an AMD card but i really dont want to be stripping computers apart. But i will if no one replies today about an AMD card.

PC Hotfix (20.12.2018)
PC Hotfix (20.12.2018)

Edited and thank you again for the thorough feedback provided. I’m sending it to our devs. Unfortunately most are on vacation so it might take a few days to reach them, but keep the feedback coming! :slight_smile:



Its not meant to happen but has been for a few months now.


Could you ask them to deactivate Denuvo and see if it fixes the problem ? I’m pretty sure it will, I already tested it…

I’m sure the devs don’t have these stutters on their version since they don’t have Denuvo, that’s why they never get fixed.

I wanted to buy the DLCs and start a new game, but I won’t do it if it stutters. They already ruined my first playthrough months ago.


How do you deactivate this Denuvo thing?. You mentioned the version not having that, or having the ability to disable it, where is it located, in the game files, or is it something to do with Unreal engine?. I would try any options to sort this issue out…


deativating denuvo involves using shady means, i do however own the game as ive purchased it through steam, so i will test an older version without denuvo and compare against my latest revision.

i will be testing Revision (#104617)


So this is me on Testlive, with low end laptop mode, but using a very high end laptop. I’m guessing the small spike on the graph is the unload of a region and the big spike is the loading of a region?

I should add, I have run monitors on CPUs, GPUs, RAM, Disk and Network, during these tests. Only notable change is a GPU utilization drop on every lag spike. I also monitored my server and nothing changes on the server during the lag spikes.


I have the issue since roughly around the combat update and I have AMD graphics and a AMD CPU. Graphics settings affect my overall FPS, but playing on Low doesn’t completely remove the stuttering. Nighttime is a lot better.

A while ago some people also reported stuttering with AMD with sound enabled, but none if sound is off. I might try if the problem still exists with sound disabled.


I am Nvidia, but I’ll try any ideas that have merit. To disable the sound, you have to go manually edit the game.ini file. Using the settings sliders only lower the sound to extremely low levels, but it is still playing sound. In game.ini, you see the sound levels at 0.010000. I set them to 0.00000, but even then, when I played the game, I could still faint interface sounds, so it isn’t completely disabled.

Tried playing and my same lag spike spots are acting exactly the same. I have a couple other tests I’m going to try with other settings. Who knows? I enjoy troubleshooting.



Could you find out where the sound was disabled? Those folks could have been talking about the W10/8/7 sound panel, which should have no effect at all :expressionless:


I will try edit the ini file and disable the sounds. My laptop has always stuttered, AMD and playing with no sounds at all, though it has slightly gotten better when changing to SSD drive, posibly due to loading times improving. Still stutters are there, the truth is it is very crappy to play on it, unlike on the desktop which runs smooth with ocassional spikes. I think it’s the mix of engine and loading graphics procedure (graphics processing) which needs a huge optimization. I will also keep trying things that might help.


Thank you again for your videos. I am sending them to our devs :slight_smile:


ok just returned to this game after a long hiatus…

and was immediately met by the stutter… almost turned me off trying anything at all…

but then i messed around with my graphics settings, because i have just gotten an RTX 2070 and was thinking maybe it was that…

and i noticed that i seemed stuck at 60fps and dipping low 40-30 when the hickup happened almost every 1-4 seconds…

i tried ultra, auto, high, low… nothing worked… then i changed them individually to ultra (all the settings) and it was listed as custom… and i have noticed that the hickups are much much rarer now… even though it seems to be the same settings as the chosen ultra setting…

also for a 2070 to only get 60fps at 1080p ultra… but it seemed to go higher after i chose it all manually… (yes no fps limit)

got a few vids i will try to upload to help you figure it out… but yeah this needs to be fixed fast… as i’ mplanning to return to conan in a week or two with my streaming community…


Thank you Ignasis! May I ask, do any of the devs have luck recreating the same lag spikes at the same place? Is this specific to only certain users? I know there are a lot here in forums that have the issue, but is it possible that most players don’t have it at all? Should we all post our computer specs, brand and driver versions, to see if there is a common denominator? I really feel there would be something obvious if we have ones that work and ones that lag spike.

I used to run tech support for a tech company, many years ago. We had a team of brilliant engineers that designed great products. God like in their understanding of how to make things work with maximum performance. Where they missed the ball was always the simple things: “Bill, it is cold in here! Why?” “I’ll disassemble the thermostat Jim and test all the circuitry”. (Janitor) “Hey guys, who left the door open??”

I know it is a joke, but I saw things like that every day in that tech company. Get some “not devs” to start tossing around ideas. I know this worn’t be hard to diagnose in the long run.

When our servers and PCs show absolutely no stress during those spikes, there has to be some piece of code that executes in a way that the operating machine just doesn’t know how to handle properly. It is like the PC is being sent on a really big detour, rather than the direct route. Like when you do a trace route and see 30 different stops along the way, rather than 5-10.

Which makes me think… TCP is a super chatty protocol, with a ton of back and forth, for every bit of data sent. Is it something like that? Is some piece of code needlessly chattinng back and forth to accomplish getting data from the disk into RAM, rather than saying “hey, give me all the data in a stream and let’s chat later dude”.

My hard drive is an samsung 960 pro 1TB SSD with some really slick performance stats. Windows 10 boots from a full power off, in about 3 seconds. Running CE on ultra settings doesn’t even kick my laptop fans to high speed. I’m probably rambling here, but just maybe something here will click off a lightbulb in someone’s mind and link it to the actual bottleneck in code, or incompatibility with some graphics driver/protocol or whatever.

Thanks for listening!