Performance issues Feedback thread - Stuttering, lag

Been happening for a lot longer than that mate. Everyone I’ve played with since launch has had this problem and its been spoken of in here many times, the last patch just made it worse. I’m very pleased it’s being looked at now.


Maybe this is asking too much, but would it be possible for Devs to share a bit of info on how the world is loaded?, I mean, when you move around the map, how far do things load, is it clusters, some sort of radial reach distance, and those kind of things. It might help us players when moving to certain places to test when and where the stutter occurs. It might have to do with the Unreal engine?, or with the ammount of data (assets?) loaded when moving around the world, or when standing still and rotating the camera view?.

I also think there are many factors than can affect this issue, I am no tech as I’ve always said, so this stuttering might be related to a few things, or many links pointing to one bottleneck in the system code maybe?. Anyway, it’s good that Devs are at least looking at it, hopefully the patch going on test soon contains some performance upgrades in terms of reducing the stutter.

Lastly, a petition to Tascha, Ignatius, or whoever can, to please pin this thread in the bugs section?. This issue affects a good amount of players and is important enough, to not get buried in the many posts on these forums. Then another thread with the same issue comes up, but the previous info from all players that provide feedback gets lost, reducing the amounut of information available for Devs to isolate and solve the problem. Thanks.


Today’s patch didn’t completely eliminate the issue, but the game is running a lot better without a doubt. Thanks to Funcom for putting in the effort, as well as everyone who shed some light on the issue!


There’s no difference for the area in the gif I posted earlier.

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I don’t see anything. It uses 75% of my cores most of the time, ForceAILOD 0 doesn’t do anything and it stutters even when standing still and just turning the camera. I have this, as far as I remember since around the combat update and I thought this would be something regarding hardware (Unreal/CE not liking my AMD CPU, Radeon or Audio) because it caused a lot of audio cracking and stuff. Running from an SSD made it a little bit better.

Does any one else here have any feedback in regards to stutter/lag from today’s patch? If it seemed to help or no difference. I’d like to keep this sort of feedback all together, so if you have any comments on this matter specifically, please post them to the patch note here. Thank you so much!!

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I think the stuttering is caused by Denuvo. I had this problem since launch, spent at least a dozen hours trying to fix it, I tried everything, I know my way around the INIs and Unreal, it sure doesn’t come from my PC, or Nvidia’s driver, I tried 2 different graphic cards, 2 SSD,2 HDD, nothing fixed it.

Then I installed a certain non-official version of the game ( if you know what I mean ), and the stutters are gone. Coincidence ? I think not.

I tried warning people on Steam and got immediately banned because of forum rules about piracy. I hope it won’t be the same here.

This is a SERIOUS issue, nobody gave a damn when it wasn’t affecting a lot of people, but now it seems it’s affecting more and more players.

I tried the graph thing on my game and I have the exact same result as the videos shown here. I really hope it’ll be fixed.

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It has changed nothing for the better that I can see - very sad about that, but I am hopeful the devs will continue tracking this issue down and solve it. I’d be happy to give any devs access to my server to run tests if it helps in any way. I can’t imagine none of their clients have these huge lag spikes after the patch. If so, what is so different between our systems? My lags happen on single player and dedicated server, so it sure doesn’t appear to be the cause of the server hardware. I check the performance graphs on my server and there isn’t a blip on any metric, when the spikes happen. Same goes for my client machine. So whatever the code is doing that causes the lags, it isn’t doing it because of hardware bottlenecks.

I’m in the same place doing the same thing as yesterday, farming T4s.

Although I still experience stutter, it seems to have lessened in duration, but not in frequency.

I have not and do not experience rubberbanding, as others are suffering from.

The stutter is as frequent as before but does not last a half second+ anymore.

I realize this is very subjective, but hope it helps. I’m glad you mentioned “stat unitgraph”; I could not find the command yesterday or I would have data to compare. Now I can.

Is there a secondary command, or modifier, to slow the graph rate down?

Single player, PC in house, no mods.

I bought the new DLC but I would return it and pay $20 dollars just to have this pointless/horrible patch reverted


From experience over the years with games like these, the big cumulative patches that touch many aspects of the game are the rockiest of roll-outs. 30+ new changes get introduced all at once. It is literally the equivalent of adding 30 new mods at the same time. The different combinations of what might be wrong are a nightmare to track down. What helps one client will break another client. I’d much rather see patches come out weekly, one change at a time. That way an emergency rollback is so much less catastrophic to the player base and modding community.

I worked in IT for 30 years and I was usually in the loop on what changes were being made to the products we sold. As a game consumer, being in the dark is very challenging.

One thing I wish was available to game consumers, that is STANDARD practice in the IT consumer world is a choice. Choice of which version to use. Choice of when to roll out the newest version. Ability to revert back to an older compatible version, should the new version break something. As much as I like many of the new changes from the big patch last week, I’d take a rollback to the older release, to make game play fun again.

I don’t fault Funcom. They aren’t doing things any differently than other game companies. In fact, they seem very involved with the community and that is a huge plus for them. So many games I’ve played have zero concern for the community. They do their own thing their own way and the only time you know something is changing is when you get notice of a download update for the game. Here, I talk to Funcom employees and they respond. Here they actively try and find solutions to game issues.

Is there a way for me to choose the pre patch and I just don’t know it? I know I can prevent my dedicated server from auto downloading the latest patches, but I really like getting my hands on the new features, so I don’t use that setting. But having an option to roll back would be really useful, when gameplay take a bad turn.


Here is another video with the graph too, with a new character in the starting zone. You can see a spike right at the beginning. It gets worse in some areas as mentioned by others.

Even if it’s not computer related here are my specs :

GTX 1080
i7 7770
16GB ram DDR4
SSD Samsung 850 EVO
Windows 10


yep exaclty the same even after the hotfix patch

BUMP. Issue not resolved.

They’re on vacation for the holidays, not gonna be fixed now. But keep this thread alive or it’ll be deleted in 7 days.

Hmm, not yet they aren’t. Well some of them are, but there are some brave Funcom employee’s staying behind long enough to try and get us a testlive update with some fun stuff to try. I’m curious to see if the performance patch that impacts how buildings load will have any improvements on the stuttering.

I have the impression that it’s better, but not totally solved. The hiccups seem rarer, but are definitely still occurring from time to time.

I’m pretty sure mine is worse. The newest testlive doesn’t seem to fix it, either.

Help! This needs attention!

I didn’t play a lot, but I didn’t have a freeze since December 20 (that is, before the patch)