Performance on PS4

Is there ever going to be a patch to enhance the performance on PS4 anytime?

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I doubt it.

Though you should have better performance on par with current PC on recommended specs with the PS5 if it really is going to support older games.

Cant patch in new hardware…

Welcome to the comunity. May i ask what exactly you don’t like in the performance?

Don’t run at a steady FPS. Enemy’s not appearing when they should which I’m sure thats happening to everybody since the update. Gameplay isn’t as smooth as it is on PC.

Nothing major really. Just figured a game that’s as old as this one might get optimized better eventually.

And on offical servers. Sometimes have extremely bad lag spikes. I donno might just be me.

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It’s not a hardware issue.

Look at FF14 a full blown MMO and it runs almostly perfectly on PS4.

It just depends on the developers mostly on how smooth the gameplay is.

Ok i see your point and it’s fair and normal. For me, since i play 11 months now, the performance is better, but for a new player i cannot say. Thank you mine and welcome again :+1:

There actually is a hardware connection. My ps4 pro runs way better than my ps4 and of course there is performance differences between pc and console for the same graphics.

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