Performer bug workaround

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Decided to level my performer despite past frustration, because they do make very good defenders, and figured out how to manage them effectively. I didn’t do an exhaustive test, but I do know which actions triggered the bug.

  1. Hitting with any harvesting tool. Make sure they move clear before you hack at things on the ground.
  2. A power attack with the shield. Landing a shieldsmash with a mace didn’t trigger it, but knocking them into the air with the shieldsmite did.

When I avoided doing those, I had a long and productive expedition with my performer. There may be other things that trigger it, habits that you take for granted because they don’t appear to affect other followers.


Thanks @enkephalin07 for the info :blush:

I avoid dungeons or vaults with my performers, since the loading screen seemed to cause the “I’m-an-artist-not-a-fighter” bug for me.
They would just forget how to equip their weapons and fight, shortly (not directly) after entering a dungeon and this behavior would prevail until server restart.

Now I was able to level up two performers without any issue. With one of them I had experienced the bug before.


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