Performer thrall ideas

Some ideas for performer thralls
assigned emotes:
dance(s) - the ability to select dances that they will cycle through/randomize.
Music - performers can be placed at various instruments in order to play them. Multiple performers assigned to the same song will perform together (additional suggestion to the bard idea, would be that different songs could give different buffs as well)
Flirt - stand around, looking pretty, and doing various flirt emotes
Storytellers - put story pages into inventory. Interacting with the thrall will make them tell whatever story/page is in the inventory.


Love those ideas, in particular being able to set the dance and have them preform music, that would improve the atmosphere of bases greatly and be the first step to not making thralls so static.

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I’ve wanted to be able to change performer thrall’s dance for a long time. Good ideas Demi! :+1:

The game has some great music here and there. I would love to have a good thrall doing a rendition of them. Could be funny to hear what a t1 produces vs a named.

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