Performer Thralls and Instruments

Make it possible to put performer thrall on the instruments (Harp, Drum, Horn or make us able to automatically keep the tune playing on the them.

Also please make the performer thralls footstep sound less obnoxious when they dance around.


Yes on this one.
Also I would like to choose which dance my thralls perform. I like the snake dance and the belly dance and I dont like the others (at least not for the same room) but it´s always a matter of luck, if they do as I please ^^

PS: As New Thralls I would love to get a trader.
When I put something in their menu, I´d like to choose some item another player could put in to get what I put in (and the amount).
Something like that would give players at least one way to engage in a non-combat way.
And there could be Player Marketplaces in player bases :wink:


I agree that it would be nice to give your thralls different dance option so you can create a theme

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