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Sorry I got busy. Thanks for the response. And yeah, that all makes sense to me. Particularly the bit about normalising the stats, it’s very counter intuitive the way it is now.

I’ll just add though that when I said hidden mods were powerful tools for the devs I meant Funcom devs, not modders, to balance the game on the fly. Everyone is using Tiemos? Secretly nerf them and make Tessa the Blade or someone top dog. This is just a guess but I presume the devs want players to use various thralls. The hidden mods are a way to get people to take a chance (not that they seem particularly great at using them
for such a purpose). I mean combat mods only, not vit etc.

But yeah, overall you’ve convinced me :+1:

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I knew you meant the devs, modders have pretty much the same tools as the devs do in this regard. I’m struggling to think of something concerning thrall stats modders can’t touch.

Case in point, this mod is particularly interesting:

The TLDR of that mod is it allows players to choose perks and attributes with a point buy system, and adds potions to reset each. This allows players to tailor their own thralls. I haven’t tried it myself, as its relatively new, but the ideas it has is pretty nifty.

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You have my support on this issue @Pugilist. However, because my circumstances in this case are kind of unique, I feel I should offer some context to my position. As I have said on a number of occasions throughout my post history, I seldom use followers. It is not because I dislike the followers feature, in fact I find our list of choices to be remarkably diverse, and I am glad we have them. But rather, as Crom fanatic I don’t like to rely on others to win battles for me. In addition, I get a greater level of challenge trying to solo the content. Now with that said, I do still sometimes use followers, although when I do it is usually my Tiger for roleplay value, and because he’s a cat, and I love cats.

Now this is where I am a bit odd because of my playstyle; I have still yet to get a single follower to level 20! Although my Tiger is getting verrry close, level 19.5 and and has only picked up positive perks so far. See below :point_down:

Not bad so far hey? But herein lies the conundrum for me. At this point I am fearful of levelling him further, because I have invested some 1-2 years* (I can’t recall the date follower levelling was introduced…) work into levelling him up, and to be frank, the thought of him getting a negative perk at level 20 (and me starting over?) is kind of scary to me. It is a very long road to see it all devolve into an anti-climax at the hands of an RNG.

Pugilist’s suggestion would give me as the player at least some level of agency in deciding his level 20 perk. Which brings me to this…

I personally would gladly trade off greater benefits for a safety net. Pugilist I support your call.:+1:


I wish that having one stat or not have one stat can ruin a build of a thrall. Its better than it was , but I still believe that certain stats are still valued more along with their perks than others . I also believe this is due to the nature of the current content and fighting styles (mainly this one you really see more in pvp ).

There should be no junk stats or perks in this game.

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The issue here is that each stat has valuable perks but some are significantly more valuable than others… vitality being the one above all others for thralls. What you want is the dreaded “balance” word with attributes and perks or maybe just stop the pretense that things like survival really matter for thralls.

No pretense at all. Why are you speaking so aggressively against balancing other stats (perks) against the over promoted ones with players. Survival should matter more, agreed, and that my point.

Survival should make a thrall more resilient against poisons of all kinds, bleeds, and all foods should give the maximum food HP regeneration. But it doesn’t and because of this other are stats are preferred.

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No… it’s my attempt for sarcasm. I totally agree with you. I think fc needs a exploiter qc person on their team to play out the game and provide feedback.

They could always have someone play on some servers, observe some players and get it first hand knowledge of the exploits ?

Oops, fyi. Point of fact: I ignore the substance of sarcasm and read it as inability to supply a point to a discussion so I it will go over my head or under my feet most if not all times.

I think something like that would work…the testlive is for program crashes and obvious issues while you could have balance testing on PvP, PvE and pvec servers after the bugs from testlive we’re fixed…would delay launching but should get better quality.

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Agreed on quality. A little more now prevents more headaches later.

Simple answer - yes - in this thread showing test results, out of 100 cimmerian berserkers levelled to 20, 14 got Warden while 12 got Expert Survivalist. (Basically, it just feels out of whack because RNG is giving you a lot of Expert Survivalist and then, as we are mere humans, confirmation bias also kicks in, so we remember more clearly the instances that confirm our suspicions, and don’t quite so clearly remember the instances that don’t.)

Then I’m gonna have to argue against it - singleplayers should have every right to play the game too. A setting that is locked to ‘days’ and the only alternative is admin-levelling essentially removes the right of singleplayers to play. No thanks.

You can relax on that one - the worst that could happen is he gets an irrelevant perk - because pets only have ‘positive’ or ‘neutral’ perks - they don’t suffer the same problem thralls do of getting negative perks (technically some of the Siptah Dogs can get negative perks, but that’s purely balanced to the individual dog and has nothing to do with RNG - and is always balanced by a massive positive). When your tiger hits 20, he will still be safe from getting an actual negative perk :slight_smile:


The Arena Champion may disagree with your assessment. If you don’t help out with the fight, any thrall with less than about 10K health is going to get chunked by her.


Perks should do more then add attributes.

You gamble to get good or bad.

I think all thralls should be on same footing, no hidden stats.

Exile 1 to beastmaster only difference is starting how much attributes.

Then make rework accuracy, survival and agility so they wont be considered worthless stats.

Accuracy put much damage as strength would.

Agility armor and high enough immune to knock backs

Survival reduce negative effects and high enough makes them immune negative effects.

Then add double shot, adds poison to attacks. Stuff like that.

Then negative effects light attacks cause him to be knock back.

Accident prone he randomly takes damage.

Fear would randomly run away from a fight.

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The problem lies in the fact 3 of the 5 are not in tune with how thralls actually benefit as followers. It is about dps and hp tanks. So accuracy and survival are nigh helpful. Agility can be, but with ease if equipping 1200+ armor, it is not as helpful as far as the basic design concept needs it to be.

So basically any negative to str or vit is seen as a loss for the minor agi/acc/surv boost you get on those. Hell just getting a plus 3 on one of the “bad” three with no loss feels like a lost rng battle.

What needs to be done is to bump the gain of the other three so they actually mean something in dps vs HP tank dynamics.

I am genuinely surprised, but them also genuinely relieved. All I will say further this is pheeeeeeeew!! [colossal sigh of relief] :sweat_smile:

I like the idea. And potion of endowment would have a use. the more endowed (male or female) makes the duration longer. Hell for male on male, maybe intimidation, and female on female a jealous fury?


I wish the Agility benefits something else than armor rate. Maybe let higher Agility char to have a higher walking speed when weapon was drawed, or let the char to have more resistance to knockback.


This. It is definitely an underrated stat until you’re fighting a boss that poisons; then it’s very noticeable.


Survival is probably a better attribute on thralls than actual players. The only downside is there’s a lack of bosses that require it.

At least in vanilla. With mods, the bleeds and poisons in PVE is a little more common.

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