Perks for 2H PVP Barbar?

Hello which are the best perks for 2h Barb for PVP? And how important is combat rating ?

depends on spec and playstyle

if you want something explosive, use at the gates, but it’ll cost you in survivability (lack of without warning for blood rage stacking)

if you want something more stable you should try without warning paired with upheaval, or with determination (super heal troll, but you can’t use blood fury, as it’ll stop determination from proccing the heal)

ok thanks i understand the barbarian perks - i use upheavel. I mean more the basic ones. Which are useful there? There are some of the basic perks for combat rating and some for critigation some for critical rating.

combat rating does not yield good returns, at least not as good as armor penetration

if you have eye of madness in your spec I would go with precise strikes + pressing strikes. a combination mostly used by guards, but since decap has a very high crit chance built in it, it can make some incredible hits when you pop eye of madness (but not only then)

precise also boosts non crits a little bit, which pressing never will.

either pressing or precise + decisive is also the bread and butter. use this if you’re not pvp 6-7 yet.

dont go elusive normally unless your playstyle is to be annoying and get away. in pugs a 2h barb isn’t focused, so.
chomatic always an option as well, you need to gauge how much magic dmg the other team has.

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Its up to your playstyle.

  1. Upheaval+without warning for dps/heal balance
  2. Without warning+determination for insane healing
  3. Atg for nuke and fun
  4. 60% evade bubble(forgot the name) for survivality

There are 4 options for 2h barb. And all of those works

+++ get elusive nature first. Its really good and it gives passive bonus even tho you’re not equipping it. Combat rating itself is important but not from AA perk. Get armor penetration or critical intead. Dont go for pressing strike unless you need extra hit ratings. It has low dps expectation

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the important point is that we do not mention bone shatter :sweat_smile:

Thanks. I have this spec. Do you see anything whats unuseful or could be made better? The spec is for minigame PVP

Put 5 points on Arcane Murderer instead of Butcher damage stuff. Arcane Murderer is everything about barb.
I dont like No Escape because it has looong cd but if you found good usage of it, you can keep it.

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No escape is probably a wasted point. The 4 points in +4% to butcher damage are also probably not the best use of points,

The good barbs I know say you need no more than 3 points in arcane marauder- you get the same amount of speed with 3 points, and the proc chance is up for what feels like 100% up time as well.

I strongly recommend getting all 3 points into escape artist. Agile mind is also very powerful.

You probably do not need all 5 points in atrocity if you’re running without warning.

At a minimum, I’d strongly recommend putting 3 from butcher damage into arcane marauder.

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Thanks for all the tips. Thats my new spec and i can actually kill someone now haha. What I notice now is I can hardly ever use reverse swing. If you are seen as a barbarian you get everything off after the assassin. Blood Fury hardly usable either. As a lvl 5 PVP, you hardly get to do more than a combo. I could try to invest the points I said, it’s about the minigames!

If you can’t keep reverse swing up, you can put points on Lethality in general tree instead of reverse swing. And just spam upheaval.
Reverse swing isnt that effective in pvp as its in pve, especially when you’re using upheaval. So just putting points on Lethality and spamming upheaval is also one of the way.

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If do you do want to try playing Hybrid in pvp, you can use a spec like this

With Bone shatter + Determination
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I think there’s a misconception here that reverse swing is not good. You get 40% weapon damage for executing an incredibly swift one-step combo. It’d be like never going into frenzy stance as a conqueror or guardian. And where would those points end up? An additional 2 PPM on blood rage?

Ranks 1 and 2 of staggering blow are both very fast and apply the buff. I don’t understand how a free frenzy stance worth of damage can be interpreted as not effective, especially when there’s filler time between upheavals to begin with.

With jump comboing, staggering blow is particularly insane because you’ll essentially be moving for the entire duration is staggering blow.

Here’s what I think is pretty good:

Reverse swing is good when you can act more than 15 seconds in PVP mini. In reality you need damage fast. Im lvl 5 almost 6 in pvp. There is almost no chance to bring an extra combat move on one enemie before her runs away or you get in focus with stuns, fear , root and than reverse swing time out ect. especially as barbarian all eyes are on you like a assassin. A normal combat aproach who is succesful at the moment is for example shattered foes - > finishing blow, decapetation, then one butcher when he lies and same time at the gates, when he starts to run blitz, stun or no escape.


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I have a lowbie barbarian as well. I am telling you that barb is incredibly durable and the 4th most survivable class in the game. Unlike the other tanks, barb has unparalleled movement and chase potential, and can easily catch up to and finish targets.

The other important part of staggering blow is that it’s an incredibly quick combo. Executing it while jump comboing yields free blood rage stacks, increasing the barbarian’s survivability.

One problem you consistently mention is getting CC’d, but your spec lacks agile mind and has only one point in escape artist. Additional points in each of those abilities drastically reduces their cooldown, and essentially gives barbarian the most CC breaks in the game, as the other rogues cannot feat into general like barb can. If you’re having issues getting CC’d, perhaps investing more points in CC breaks is logical.

I would never, ever compare barb to sin in terms of focus. Barbs gets completely ignored in comparison to the amount of focus sins get. It’s in no way even remotely close. Once a barb starts abusing their movement potential and the fact they have infinite speed buffs, it becomes incredibly difficult to “focus” them when healers are involved.

Finally, clobber should be used in lieu of scatter foes in the combo you mentioned. It gives the target a physical wrack, increasing your damage on that target. I also think that as Lurvi pointed out, if you’re having survivability issues, you should run without warning/upheaval instead of at the gates.


Just to add some support, I think reverse swing is worth the 40% weapon damage increase for a PVP berserk spec for the same reasons MyStygga mentioned. Staggering blow is quick to execute (one-step) and it decreases the evade chance on targets (minor point). Also, the higher your weapon’s base damage is, the more benefit you will get from the percent increase.

To make staggering blow more worth while, you can spec into its corresponding AA which I believe increases the duration of the weapon damage buff (or evade debuff) and you can spec into Hammer and Anvil which increases the combo damage.

To echo other points, I think fully speccing your CC breaks is essential. Clobber V is faster than scatter foes (but save scatter foes for AoE or if Clobber is on cool down), and try to land your combo white hits.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your play style. I used to run a berserk spec using only butcher combos for PVP, but that was several years ago when “At the Gates” was decently powerful. Now, I prefer to spec full survivability in PVP with upheavel/without warning and more passive damage increase/critical rating.

You’re right. Thats why i started to think reverse swing isnt very effective with upheaval in pvp. I used to be big fan of staggering blow for most of time in aoc.
But recently i did some math and i found that if you can’t hit target more than 8 seconds when reverse swing is up, actually it will lead you to decrease your dps. (Between Staggering blow2, Upheaval)
36(+9)% weapon damage bonus isnt free like some guy said. You have to perform low dps combo to get it. And it takes +2 seconds includes a white hit. And most of time you wont constantly hit targets more than 8 seconds out of 14 in MINI.
And another fact is that Wreck armor has more value than reverse swing. Its 30seconds and other players also can get benefits of it, its stackable, it has much higher dps than staggering blow even without sharpnel.
Plus, most important thing is wreck armor debuff doesnt need feat investment. So if you need to boost your dps, using wreck armor is usually better.
Personally i still use staggering blow when its not Upheaval spec. I don’t use staggering blow only when using upheaval spec. With upheaval i use jagged cut1, vicious strike1, wreck armor2 between upheaval spams.
I think you will be good pvper or already is. You know how things work

lol its a 1 second combo that gives frenzy damage boost. you’re clueless