Permadeath Voice-Chat Low-Magic Hardcore Roleplay Server - Anyone interested in co-creating?

That’s what I like on an RP server - being sucked into an alternate reality where actions have the ultimate consequences. Hence, permadeath. Where you appreciate every second that your character survives. But not just permadeath, but a server where RP is king. Where magic is no commonplace matter. I’m looking for like-minded people who would be interested to create such a server. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about that happened in a different game:

I am Larpushka, in my namesake youtube channel you can see my obsession about hardcore RP at full display. I ran permadeath hardcore RP servers in older games. I played in successful ones too. I know it’s not popular feature, but I believe it enhances the value of your character and playtime. I also know voice-chat is not a popular feature probably due to the fact many men play women, but hearing voice to me is powerful.

I would be very interested to assemble a team and come up with ideas based around the core concept of permadeath, voice-chat, low-magic survivability of a dangerous world, and hardcore RP. Leave me a message whether here or privately


PS. If you don’t like permadeath, you can start your own topic about it. Please don’t derail this topic with your opinions about it.


I love permadeath hardcore RP servers, unfortunately there aren’t many.

God I wish this was on playstation. This is right up my alley.