Permanent 2x On Official


[Hot Take] I feel like the 2x on official servers should have stayed. I feel like it was perfect wasn’t too grindy and it wasn’t too easy. It would also be good for newer players to learn the game and be able to build something decent without it feeling too hard. Just 2 times on the harvest tho everything else should be the same. What do yall think?


Yeah you’re right about the PvE because the maps aren’t as big. They could add a base building limit for PvP and PvE like ark. It would also help server fps too. I don’t see why people need to over build their bases just hinders everyone tbh

In no case! So all active servers are crammed with foundations. And it will be even worse.

Really simple add a build limit. I could craft out 1k plus foundations on 1x already in an hour or less with the right build. I’ve been in servers where they literally had foundations connected all together all over the map on 1x


I think it would be correct not to impose limits on the number of buildings, but to increase buildings’ price depending on the number of buildings built. But neither Funcom will ever be added.

Yeah that’s not a bad idea i wouldn’t mind either tbh

Tier 1 building right?

The building pieces costs were already revamped once, cant remember when Was it though.

Personally, as I just started playing on Siptah during the 2x, it was great, since the nodes are so scattered i most areas and it is more time consuming to farm.
Back to 1x on Siptah is a bit of a grind, but I think I am ok with it.
One thing people forget is that not just buildings cost hardened brick, etc. All of the new workstations cost ridiculous amounts of mats.
On CE that wasn’t a problem, but on Siptah, it makes it so much more grindy.

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I agree to this. Maybe 1.5 rate is better (permanent)

it’s easy enough to get a lot of material.

the official servers are also full of mega buildings.

but events on holidays or anniversaries would be nice.
it would be something special

Shudder. I take it you either don’t remember or were not playing for the last holiday event, that being the Halloween event and how much it broke the game. The forums were filled to overflowing with people screaming for funcom to shut it off. Personally I’d settle for the standard holiday double decay timer they already have in place plus maybe 2x harvest so the extra time we have is more productive.

I liked the ambiance and the mechanics of the event, although the meteors fell way too often and the bats flying out of doors started getting on my nerves by day three :wink:

But yeah, I imagine it wasn’t fun for the game balance on PVP servers.

As for the 2x harvest idea – or 1.5x or whatever – I’m not against per se, but I don’t like the slippery slope it creates. Give the PVP players a permanent 2x harvest modifier, and they’ll start asking for 4x experience gain for their thralls, and then we’re back to the old “PVE(-C) are second-class players” state.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the current harvest rate is fine for PVE(-C) and doesn’t need to be changed. And again, I’m not against the increased harvest rate on PVP servers. I just don’t want to end up with PVP servers having other multipliers that would be nice for PVE(-C) servers, too, because “PVP needs them more than you do”.

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I’m not for an increase in harvest as a blanket rule, I meant just for holiday periods while everyone has that extra time to play. Lol yes the battle between the different server types and who needs what is a never ending cycle. I tend to avoid any argument related to this as I play on all 3 server types and in my opinion they should all have slightly tweaked settings to suit the server types. Whats good for pve isn’t always good for pve-c or pvp. This would only further complicated things and be a constant source of debate which is probably why funcom just treat them all the same to avoid backlash and constant demands.

I was on Xbox for the Halloween event and it was not so good lol. For the majority of the event is was pitch black and a torch was required the whole time you were on. The server ended up trashed because ppl spammed standing torches everywhere and FPS dipped through the floor.

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i play since first day of EA and i remember all …

2x harvest as event is exactly what I mean … that is the topic here …2xharvest

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I misunderstood I apologise. I didn’t know you were referring to the 2x harvest as the event I thought you meant like a themed event.

Sorry my friend , I wouldn’t want something like that on official , this is exactly the reason private servers exist , thank you but no thank you .

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no. 1x is perfectly fine for officials. especially with the transfers coming up with being able to move loot.

The only thing that is an annoyance to farm on exile land is gold simply because of the rng factor.

Transfer to siptah > spend 1 hour mining the gold ore on the map > move back. I did a gold run on my siptah server I got 6700 gold ore for farming the entire map. Took an hour. so much gold so much alchemical base. ezgame.

To many ppl slinging opinion around like it’s fact in here. Seems it’s impossible for some to let others have an opinion without being hero’s and :poop: heads. Being macho about a computer game is about as funny as it gets for me :joy: live and let live peoples.


Absolutely lol for me the only issue I had was lighting. At first a lack thereof and after a couple days lag city as the entire server spammed standing torches so as not to have to use a torch :joy::joy:

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