Permanent decorative warpaints. I made it! (Tests)

Yes, I managed to do it, but I don’t know if it’s a bug or really something in the game.

Don’t ask me how I managed to do it, because I don’t know! I just always used the same Decorative warpaints.

One day I died and the painting did not come out, and from then on it never came out … Until the day I decided to use Functional warpaints and I was never able to make this permanent Decorative warpaints again.

It was more than 30 days to 40 with the same warpaints.

Did anyone else do this?

:thinking:Update: Others in my clan achieved permanent warpaints.

We don’t understand what the procedure is! We did it like this:

*Wear warpaints when left the game.
*Two warpaints of the same (one after the other)
*wait for the server to restart during this time.

*They usually have a period to restart. (depends on luck)
*I am with her permanently again.

whenever I am dead the paintings disappear, even in the NPC they disappear after a while :frowning:

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I seem to understand how you can do it!

I started using it when I left the game.
Two paintings of the same (Next)
then hope that in that time the server will restart.

They usually have a period to restart.
I am with her permanent again.

Well, this sounds like an exploit to me and it should be reported instead. The warpaints are not intended to be permanent, decorative or not.


since it doesn’t make a difference in gameplay, it doesn’t give any kind of advantage, decide to ask here. I don’t like to send bug reports without being sure that something is right to do. Thanks @Narelle, if you want to bookmark this post or make the report you can feel free, (I’m not good at that). And if I am inflicting a rule please guide me (Sorry for the English - Google translator)

NOTE: I really don’t know how we managed to do this, everything is guesswork.

If you ask me, Decorative warpaints should be made permanent, Functional warpaints on the other hand should not. I sometimes like to put ‘tattoos’ on my Dancers, but it just became tedious constantly reapplying them.


I agree decorative warpaint should be permanent, functional warpaint should expire. it is just plain annoying to be constantly remaking decorative warpaints. They offer no ingame advantage and they they are roughly equal to dyeing clothing or armor for game playing.


I believe thrall decorative warpaint should function like thrall weapons, no degradation over time. Instead, they are like accelerated shields, which is why none of my thralls carry shields since thralls started grinding through shields.


I agree Pugilist. It would make for a nice QOL change. Its not like it offers any benefit, and we have sloughing agent should we ever need to remove it.

Its also kind of a strange design decision that weapons and armor alike dont degrade on thralls, but shields, and shields alone do.


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