Permanently banned

It’s OK?

I was banned from official servers, permanent, I bought the game less than 2 months ago and I liked the game, and I met him through a streamer that I really like! I enjoyed the game and acquired some dlc’s and made friends within the game, which I made countless friends on different servers, and enemies too, hahaha, but on some server I took a permanent ban, and as far as I know it was the whole clan, I really apologize if I infringed something, I would like to be unbanned, I really like the game, and I am not able to buy another one, and unofficial servers I didn’t like it, I want to play with my friends again! I believe I can be forgiven at least 1 time! My Id on conan is Perflex # 61661 and steam STEAM_0: 0: 439820662

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

You can buy a new copy.

The AI says your guilty until proven innocent.
There is NO play bargaining with a machine.


the Rules are clear in this case

also beware of, if you want contact the Funcom Forum Support.

If you don´t know how to write a DM follow the Guide below

On the first Picture cklick on Ignasis Name

Second Picture click on “Message”

On the Third Picture
by 1 fill out with a subject
by 2 fill out with your Massage
by 3 cklick to send the Massage

If you have all done this then you can only wait till they came back to you