Perminant Extreme Cold 2


So the situational status effect Extreme cold became a static status effect, the cause currently appears to be random as I’m unable to replicate the effect even doing the same thing that caused it. I’d give more details however on my last post 2 commenters flooded it with posts focused on the base cause of the effect instead of the glitch that caused it to become static.

In the picture it shows my character to be both very hot and extremely cold, the thermometer shows me to be in the red not blue, I shouldn’t be extremely cold anymore yet that’s the case, the only reason my HP isn’t decreasing is because I turned on god mode in a panic.

This occurred randomly when going from extremely cold to very cold multiple times, at one point the extreme cold effect never went away. The effect not going away is the one and only problem here, at least the only non self-inflicted problem.


I didn’t want to make a 2nd post so soon but I have no indication that the real reason for the post was understood as the only reply from staff was about reworking temperature system to telegraph differently to avoid confusion, this however isn’t a display problem or a confusion problem, it’s a problem of a situational status effect becoming static.

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