Personal chests and treasure chests

Commenting on Gameopinions thread set me to thinking about chests. I’ve been in a large clan before and there’s nothing more frustrating than grinding some resource for personal use, only to find it used up by a teammate. Personal chests could only be opened by the creator. This infers a key without the devs going to the trouble of making actual keys. They would also have to be unable to be deleted by teammates. Damaging could be normal. Having chests made of higher tier metals would increase their hp. Also the ability to hide chests would be epic. At one time I had to hide chests in hard to find places because I got raided a lot. This worked well until de-spawn timer was introduced. If the chest could have a very long de-spawn timer and be sunken in the land map except for a tiny bit that protrudes, that’d be a great way to secure loot from raiders and also give players a remote chance to discover hidden chests. Actually, if the de-spawn timer was super long, a player that left Conan for a month could come back and play with whatever they stashed, unless it got found :slight_smile:


I think personal chests is a good plan. Simple way to implement it would be to be able to put pin-codes on chests (and maybe vaults too). That way you can have open chests (anyone can access), locked chests (only your clan mates can open it) and locked and pin-coded (only clan mates with the code can open it).
This way you could have chests for the whole clan and other chests for more trusted clan members (or just yourself), which your noob clan mate can’t take all the legendary gear you’ve been carefully nursing through and saving for that big raid as you don’t have the thralls to make the legendary repair kits to fix them, from :slight_smile:

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