Personal opinion: not liking the Siptah brimstone model

The situation with Brimstone on Siptah isn’t unplayable, but there’s two things I don’t like about it.

For one, I really don’t like the model. It’s a reskin of the brimstone model from the poisonous dry lake bed in the Exiled Lands (I forget its name). There it makes sense, because it formed underwater. Here? I don’t see what’s making it jut up like that.

The other one is that I don’t like how, other than that one dry river bed full of snakes and scorpions, it’s ALL around dungeon gates. I wouldn’t mind if that was the only place to farm it in quantity. But I’d love it if it was handled a little like coal is on Siptah – just one or two of the (old model) brimstone boulders every, say, third or fourth or fifth rockfall site. Just enough that you can easily pick up a little of it passing by.

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They should of used the brimstone model like in the caves (sinners refugee) and distributed it like they have coal.


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