Personal Space. We all need it

“Just because we’re in the same group doesn’t mean we share a bed.” “Get out of my things! We have a guild hall for a reason!” “You’re breaking my concentration, get out of my room!”

I can’t be the only one that has thought these things. I love working with others but seriously I need my own space. Could you PLEASE implement some way of locking doors so even our own team mates can’t just barge in and disrupt our work and loot our supplies?

Personal rant for those still reading and actually care - for some reason. I’m the alchemist for my group. I don’t fight, I don’t even really leave my lab. I want to be left alone to grow my herbs and brew my potions. But when anyone can just barge in and start taking my things or using my room for whatever they want and I can’t stop them, that’s crap! If this has happened to you or you can relate please upvote this. Rant over.


Personal pin codes for chests and doors would solve this issue very fast, not sure why they don’t do it yet


This kind of needs to be said here. There isn’t really any incentive for developers to tackle social issues within someone’s clan. For example, you have an issue with people in your clan rummaging through your room in your base. Many do not. Why? Because the clan leadership has set proper standards. Yours has not.

I know in every clan I’ve been apart of, everything in the common areas is fair game. Everything in peoples’ rooms is off-limits without their permission. So far its worked pretty well. You may consider going to your leadership and asking them to intervene. If they won’t, then finding a clan that will maybe what you need to do.

With that said, I’m not against having doors given the options of being restricted by guildmember ranks. But such a thing isn’t going to help the OP with their issue, and neither would their own suggestions. As the people in their clan are likely to bypass such things by pulling up the foundations or some other nonsense. We are talking about people that I assume have been told to knock off the stealing and looting from their own clanmate and still do it.


I have a private server and I am pretty sure you can give an option to lock chests and doors from the admin panel. I know you can’t do this on officials but on privates it should be easy enough…or is it a different game I am thinking of.

Well, the best idea of the day, and no you are not the only one, here I can only give you a like but I would have given you a diamond


Yes as my topic, the clan sysrem need an uppdate an ad som diplomasy whit other clans to it to!


I fully support more lock options on doors and chests.

I also want a fully unlocked option so we can create publicly-accessible chests on PvE.


It took me some time. You know I was the farmer. When I started playing with my clan, no matter if it was plain pvp we eventually separated roles. So yes it took me some time to make them log out in their bedrooms for starters.
It took me some time to make them understand how important is to have organized chests in organized working stations.
It took me some time to make them understand the importance of having organized chests ready to equip back new gear if you were dieing and spawning to your bed.
Eventually they accepted that I will organize the chests of the base and eventually they learned organization too.
If they were bored to do it I had some extra chests in their bedroom called bor-del to place their farming. The next day I was checking these chests to empty them and organize them.
They had their own trophy chest, or chests, but they knew I wouldn’t touch them. I was the only one entering each private space like a cleaning lady or Santa. I told you, I was the farmer so
Lufy was all the ranisans
Ganga was all the mordluns
Ixmen was all the yogs touch and bow of the mother
Psyco was predatory and seven wings
Po (queen clan leader) was predatory and ajas bane
They always had extras, always.
The organization was mine only.
It took me some time.
But eventually we became a clan!
I wish you the same :+1:t6:


Hi @LoreMistress :blush:
In this case I have to agree with @Taemien
Your clan chief needs to teach them some manners. :relieved:

But a personal locked chest or other containers, that only you have access to, would be kind of cool. Maybe as a craftable item from the character menu, that is bound to you like beds and bedrolls. That would mean you can only have one personal chest and one personal drawer or whatever bound to you and they can, as your bed and bedroll, be destroyed in PVP.

I don’t know your situation well enough to give some good specific advise, but I’d try to reach an understanding with my intruders, ask them why they don’t respect my space and what makes them come into my room.

If that doesn’t help:
If you want bull headed barbarians, who obstinately walk into your room, even after having been told to knock first or keep out numerous times, to stay away, I think you need to eliminate their reason to come into your area. Maybe place a chest with your produce in front of your door so they can grab the stuff they need from there. This would be a really passive way to deal with the problem though.


I think I’m the same for my clan.
My clan leader is notoriously messy. I often find parts of his gear in artisan tables or campfires, so I put them into the blacksmith- respectively the armorers bench. He would just craft new ones elsewise, because he forgets where he put them :sweat_smile:

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This is already possible. A person’s clan level determines if they can open locked doors and chests. Just have then clan leader lower their level in the clan and then lock your stuff - or the doors you want.

That’s how it worked 6 months ago anyway - I guess it’s still the same.

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