Personal thoughts about current Conan

Maybe people in here complained about it. That’s the thing, I started to be active in the forums after that beacause I enjoyed the game back then. So I rather played than wrote books about it.

But I still remember how the PVP was, and good players did not use that tactic. Since it wasnt effective if your goal was to survive in fights. Maybe people who wanted to be grey and a easy target liked it.

Yes off hand cancelling, not unwield/wield cancelling. Off hand cancelling they removed, but they also removed unwield without any complaints about it. Instead they told everyone unwield / wield gave you higher DPS but that was incorrect.

Not me. It’s what many PvPers themselves complain about - “you just spam click heavy attack, there’s no skill involved”. I don’t PvP, and the videos I’ve seen are mostly people attacking unsuspecting victims from behind, so I need to rely on the PvPers’ description on how PvP works.

Look for yourself. There are plenty of YouTube Videos.

Roman Legion:

Random YouTubers:

And just for information, here old Conan PvP (2019):

what exactly is unweilding, sorry to ask

For me the game doesn’t feeling like a survival game anymore. I have said this in game and in some videos that there is nothing to fear (PVE wise) once you hit 60. All your do is basically farm over and over to move on to the next build. Now don’t get me wrong I love the building system, but there needs to be some sense of fear.
I have played the game in different methods like lvln with no fighter thralls. Doing dungeons alone and even lvln with no thralls at all not even profession / worker thralls so that way i can get more life out of the game. well enough of the rambling from me, bottom line is the game needs to be harder in PVE / PVE-C so you have to be scared at lvl 1 all the way to lvl 60.


When you put your weapon away.

:joy: ahhh fml


Not quite. Every good PvP player will play light armor (Silent Legion Light with Dragonhide).

Why you may ask. Because this armor gives +3 on attributes and additionally if you put full bulked platings on the armor pieces, you get a whopping 70% damage reduction. Which is not far behind the 82% you get from heavy armor.

So it is still light armor META, because light armor is still OP because of that and another reason:

6 rolls + faster stamina regen.


Plus with aspect of the Demon helmet crafted by t4 you have light armor regen and rolls with heavy armor amount of armor.

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Yeah, heavy armor is just useless now, especially after horse nerf.