Personal thoughts about the game and its content

Personal thoughts about the game and its content.

  • For me, this game is awesome, but it could be improved.

  • He has many assets, attractions and potential. The map is very large and varied.

  • The universe is unique, and as it is placed in ancient times (even older still, before the very first civilizations, the city-states of Mesopotamia, so before the Sumerians and others), it gives the field free to invent many things …

  • The NPC capture system is new to my knowledge, and make craftsmen is even more original.

  • The decor and graphics are of very good quality.

  • Nudity is as new to my knowledge, at least provided in the basic game (not modded, and excluding cutscenes / cinematics), it brings something fun and it responds directly to this huge wave of modders and players who created or installed lots of nudity mods on many other games, I think it’s useless to quote them …

Here, on Conan Exiles, the devs have thought to implement it in the game, and it’s a good idea (personal opinion), commercial but not only, the bodies are well made, and we’re all proud of it own beautiful woman or man in Adam / Eve outfit or sexy outfit, or even our pretty thralls that serve us well. :blush:

  • Survival, resource farming, dungeons, exploration, highly developed craft and construction (among others) are also definite (sure) assets.

This game reminds me of my debut on another very famous game with the letter W, if you know what I mean (the one released in 2006…).

If I start playing online on a server, I would like to find a PvE server (optional pvp, or organized and agreed collectively for a specific time and according to specific rules) where the atmosphere is good kid (and kindness), we joke, we laugh, we drink beer (in the game), we tell dirty jokes, we have fun in all possible ways that the game offers but also from the players themselves.

And we would help each other, cooperation and collective play would take precedence over the individual game apart from the construction of its own base, although a “collective base” can be also conceivable and even appreciable.

…etc., etc.

I might bring other thoughts like that, if it helps an improbable developer who will read (probably not, lol) my message, but also players who are looking for the same thing as me, the same atmosphere, the same vision of the game…

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I just reviewed the old movie Conan the Barbarian, I did not remember everything, it’s true that the game borrows a lot of things to (from ?) the film. Still happy tell me, but I did not think it was so faithful to the film, and also faithful to the books, it seems.

Even girls naked or naked topless I did not remember ! lol

We talk about Conan but there is no Conan without the beautiful girl (a warrior like him) who still helps greatly during much of the film, it had to be underlined ! lol

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