Pet and Mount Upgrade ideas

Ive been messing with non human thralls for a bit and riding my mounts around and I’ve been thinking that non human thralls might need some options to bring them up too snuff with current equipment, my thoughts are: armor, similar to saddles, I’m aware that each pet would need its own model for the armor and it would be a lot of work but, currently you can put a thrall in god breaker with a god breaker weapon, why would you ever use a animal over this? speed is the only thing that comes to mind, but then you would use a bow or mount

2.animal weapons, this one should be doable without 3d models, you could simply add an item thats effectively “metal claws and or teeth” that are equipped to the pet

3.animal gatherers, instead of having pets for combat reasons, maybe it could be re-worked to have them follow you and gather resources over time naturally similar to how hourses get exp for running

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