Pet, and thrall hunger sysytem

I’ve been wondering the same. So many people talk about needing a bearer to carry tons of food for long journeys, it makes me wonder if they’re playing Oregon Trail: Exiles instead. I just can’t fathom needing more than 1 stack of Purified Water, 1 stack of Roasted Haunch, and 1 stack of Aloe Soup to last an entire day of playing. :confused:

Could it be that their server settings are radically different from what’s used on Officials?

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Dunno… I use 50 purified and 50 meaty mashup (cause I am too lazy to hunt exotic for haunch) or 50 exotic shelfish and that is all… and if I need more, I make em omw cause skinning and cleaver r always in my inventory… but for pets, I only used 5 human meat to get the buff on or 5 savoury/feral that was cooked on the trip… and when at base, honey was the menu… 20 improved hives and 5 pots/feedboxes were all I needed to sustain my thralls/pets

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