Pet attacks, damage, diversity

Has anyone noticed much difference in the pets as far as damage goes? I’ve noticed the pets seem to keep the same move set as their wild counterparts but I ran into something with the spiders that has me wondering.

I’ve had 3 different varieties of spider. A basic, wolf spider, a widow and a corrupted spider. The wolf and widow had the same health and appeared to have the same damage. Neither did anything but basic attack. The corrupted has the same health ppol as the other greaters but it did the same thing. Just basic damage attack. It’s damage didn’t feel worth the trouble and none of the spiders applied any sort of status affect.

So has anyone found a pet that applies affects other then the Rhino trample? I’ve read shaleback can apply sunder but have yet to test it.

Is the damage on any of the pets feeling useful?

Is there anything but a cosmetic difference in spiders?

I matched them all 1v1 vs a King elk. The basic only survived due to my adding damage and the greater I got bored watching the fight and we left. Both took several minutes,

Taking shaleback out for a spin. I thought the Sabers had a bleed effect but not showing up versus Rhinos.

My playmate of choice is definately the Sabertooth. Haven’t managed to get a greater one yet.

Not seeing sunder from shaleback. It’s kinda wonky against a rhino. Keeps walking away. Actually it died to a rhino hahhahah. Even the gazelle can kill those.

Stay tuned. Running through the animal farm over here. I’ll post my findings when i got through most of my pets.

Boars have cripple

Sand Reaper-poison.

Greater Jag-bleed. I’d imagine this is on most of the cats. It’s just if the crit lands.

I managed to get the sabretooth to stack bleeds too. As a regular pet they do a considerable damage. The damage of the spider is maybe a 1/10 of theirs.

I didnt know reapers poisoned though and I just got a red back spider so I’m going to test that out.

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Some are definately better then others. Like the locust i wasn’t impressed with when fighting boss croc. Rhinos i dont care for either. Haven’t really used the bear or boar cept to whack a few rhinos just now. Pretty much your helping me ween down my pets. Have a few to many rightnow.

Spiders and locust pretty much stay in the pen as ichor machines. Birds give feathers as a by product.

I’d test these guys out. But they are so cute like that!

I’ve always like the creepy crawlies so I’m a bit disappointed they aren’t as useful but I don’t really use them anyway. I do however love the look of the corrupted spiders. So cool!

Oh i love em too. They are guarding the house before i tear it down. I keep trying for a demon spider. Haven’t managed to get one yet. Still trying to make an animal pen look pretty.

Then I ran into a huge issue with the purge. Base is so far spread out. When the dogs came in I was running all over and animals were killing them pretty fast.

Attempting to shrink into a space saving design so i can have the purge concentrated in just a few areas instead of me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Someday i will get the legendary blacksmith and alchemist!

I took t he rhino out for a dungeon. Poor thing kept getting lost and running into things. Rhinos have poor eyesight and, while not a feature or buff, it is so funny to see them romp around like a puppy.

The panther I raised jumped around a lot, but forever missed the target. I did not notice a useful status change, but that could have been because the poor kitty wasn’t fast enough to catch the target before I killed it.

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Oh my that just made me laugh so hard.

(I want them too, but since I keep getting animal purges I guess I have 0% chance until I move to a spot where I can get attacked by humans)

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Mikey you seriously make my morning coffee better!

I’m up near the den since i came to the conclusion a purge will generally grab whats around it. So far 2 scorp purges, one demon purge (ok that kinda killed my theory) and then the dogs of the desert. Buncha carpenters 1-2’s that spawned. One named archer. then the named cook. Seriously my animals wrecked a buncha stuff coming in. I did turn purge duration to 15 mins. Had it been set at default woulda been interesting to see what else spawned.

Heh, glad to be of assistence! I had a fairly horrible morning, since my daughter refused to sleep most of the night, and I got out of bed so late I had to skip breakfast (though I did have coffee, so that’s something).

Yeah I can’t say I have it all figured out but on official servers only certain zones even have a chance of spawning human Purges, and if you happen to set up shop elsewhere (like me) you have to either move, or set up a “lure” base in one of the pertinent regions. Probably going to do the latter one of these days (but that, too, will “not be this day” heh).

I feel ya. My angelfish laid about 500 eggs the other night. Was going really good till i went to bed lastnight. My 3rd angelfish somehow snuck in and ate them all. Kinda bummed over it.

Think it was 1501 or something confirmed that they got the legendary blacksmith/alchemist with dogs of the desert purges. While on testlive figured id try to see if this is true or not.
My normal base spot is near summoning place/sinkhole obelisk. I’ve seen nothing but hyena purges over there when online. Mounds of the dead base got smacked by Cimm’s while i was offline.
Jungle i’ve seen Lemurian/Gorillas but never any named with them.
1511 we did see dafari that came with a buncha named but no alchy/smith.
Since i get to start fresh on officials i’m wandering the map aimlessly setting up tester bases to see what spawns where.
I’m gonna crank the purge level up to 6 to see how the animals do against 3 world bosses but as of rightnow they are just annhilating anything that comes there way at lvl 3. Definately need far less human thralls with pets.

:orange_book: Updated Pet page on the Official Wiki.

How have you been getting multiple world bosses? We are getting pitiful waves of enemies. Sometimes 1 wave of 5 dudes with a boss, sometimes 2 waves no boss etc. We are max difficulty (6) and 24 purges a day etc. We are desperately looking for something to qualify as an actual purge and not fodder.

I dunno. Im set at purge level 4 for the first world boss. then moved it to 5. Base is outside of the den where i get the scorp and demon purges with the bosses. Although demon purge just spawns the albino bat demon.

Try a base near oasis of nekhet. Never fails to get locust purges there.

I wasn’t paying that much attention, but the greater bear seems to do considerably more damage per tick than a regular bear if he enemy health bar is any indication. I’ll have to check for effects and all that.

I did find out that the sand reaper queen hits hard and applies poison. So there is that. She just attacks super slow like her wild counterpart.