Pet attacks disarm into their inventory?

PC Testlive Dedicated server.

Just checking on my greater rhino after a fight, to see if it has recovered and noticed his charge attack in his inventory, as a mystery bag. Do I take it and drop it? Can I take it and equip it for myself? Rhino charge sounds fun :slight_smile:

I’ve seen these before on both pets and Thralls and never bothered mentioning, but figured I should it it isn’t already reported elsewhere.


If you decide to try the rhino charge please please record it so if it works you can post it for our amusement… perhaps try it now for prosperity before funcom does a patch correction

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Sadly no luck. I can equip to my hotbar and activate it, but then I can do nothing but move. No kick, block, roll, attack (light, heavy or Katana/bow style). No fun video.


What a shame. Thanks for trying.


And I already picked up the soap :stuck_out_tongue:

Moved this topic to our Testlive sub-forum :slight_smile:
thanks for the feedback. I’ll let our team know about this rhino leaking his secrets :stuck_out_tongue:


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