Pet balance vs Thralls, thrall decay and a cure for Typhoid

Ok there’s no cure for Typhoid in this thread I just think lists look better in 3’s.

Anyways, what happened with the thrall balance in this game? Before the pet update, getting good combat thralls was something you really had to invest in. You couldn’t just grab any old thrall, their HP/damage was based on where you got them, so if you wanted serious beef you’d need to travel to dangerous corners of the earth and setup proper thrall facilities to break them. Then once you had them you had to invest in gearing them, getting them the best possible weapons, a FULL set of armor, the works, and if you were grabbing named fighters it would take hours and hours and hours to break a full set of them.

Now you’ve got pets, which require no truncheon and no hard to gather materials, and with the chances to grow into boss versions being so high you can get turtles capable of soloing kinscourge within the first 6 hours of gameplay. You can spam them 5 at a time for FREE with almost zero investment, and you dont even have to gear them up. What’s worse is that it only gets more powerful, spamming bears and rhinos and boss locusts, it’s absurd. It feels like classic thrall armies got left in the dust before they were even allowed to shine. I’m sure a fully geared volcano fighter would still PROBABLY outclass most animals, but the investment vs payoff is so crazy right now.

Come to think of it, didn’t we just go through a series of patches designed to REDUCE the number of thralls lagging up servers? Seems counter intuitive to then immediately add a system that lets you pump out millions of animal thralls for no investment. I’ve never seen so many bases crawling with armies before this.

What Funcom needs to do is make it so that all animals require the shadespiced food to grow, at least, or put a hard limit on pets per person/clan. You shouldn’t be able to start lagging a server 6 hours into your playtime.


Pets don’t have armor, nor do they have upgradeable weapons, and thralls now have comparable hitpoints and know how to use weapon combos. I’ll take a Sepermeru Captain in full epic heavy armor and wielding a dragonbone two-hander over my white tiger pet ten times out of ten if something needs killing, or a T4 Bearer thrall over a camel. The Captain is cuter, too, because she doesn’t have freaky glowing eyes.

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And to top it off: You can not equip a pet with a truncheon to catch more thralls for you :wink:

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