Pet being killed by Effect_SpawnedCharacter

I lost a few tigers and a horse. In the log, I get the line that my pets have been killed by Effect_SpawnedCharacter

What does that mean?

I found the issue.

Basically, fun and happy players, join PvE servers (Officials) and find a base where pets and thralls are. Then they get their character right next to a thrall or pet and log off. They then immediately log on and this has the effect of killing the pet or thrall. In the log you then get the message “… killed by Effect_SpawnedCharacter”.

How fun is that!

That’s nasty. :frowning: Does it happen on PVE and PVP servers? :frowning:

EDIT: Sorry, I realized you meant PVE, but was wondering if reproducible elsewhere. I sleep next to a dancing guard on an unofficial server that’s not modded.

I am sure it can be done on PvP or PvE, but in my case it is on an official PvE server. Also, for me, it only happed to pets, so perhaps thralls don’t die, I am not sure.

One more thing, my pets were in enclosed 2x2 stables with half-height stable walls. So perhaps the pet or thrall must be stuck in a small area with nowhere to go. I have not tested it.

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