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Pet bins seams to decay way to fast. Even if I build in tire 3 and place it close to my base, it is gone after not logging in for about 3-5 days. Is this working as intended?

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Hey Trausti,

Could you give us a little more information about your issue? Where did you build the pet bin? Is it part of the land claim area of a larger building?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Ignasis :slight_smile:
Well let me try. The way I play and build is:
#1: pick a location for my base, and then start to “sketch” out the design of the base by building it with sandstone building blocks. Ones The base starts having the form I am looking for, I replace it gradually with tire two and tire tree building blocks.
#2: My base is usually built with circle design about the size of 10x10 foundation blocks.
#3: My base is usually made up by 2-5 smaller buildings, but I always build them linked together, because I think that is better for the decay timer. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
#4: I place God altar and pet bin outside the base, but very close, about the distance of 3-10 building blocks. I guess this keeps me inside my land claim.
#5: I don’t have time to play every day, but I log inn at least once a week just to prevent my base from decaying.

I have lost my pet bin 4 times this far. First time it was a tire 1 pin placed on top of sandstone foundation right next to my small sandstone house. The Pet bin decayed before the rest of the base.

2 times I have placed a pet bin tire 2 about the distance of 3 building blocks away from my stonebrick base. These times the pin also decayed after about 4 days offline.

Lastly I built a bigger base, maybe about the size of 20x20 blocks, but still in circle designs. I then placed 3 God altard and the tire 3 pet bin facing each other one a flat surface about 10-15 blocks away from the base. This time the pet bin was gone way before any of the God altars, even tough I had 8 animals placed in the area. I guess I was logged out for about 4-5 days this time.

This seams way to fast in my opinion, should’t tire 3 take way more time to decay?

Also, after my pet bin was gone the last time, I was offline for about 7-8 days, when I got back my base was gone along with two of the God altars and a vault placed on a tire 3 foundation inside my base. Keep in mind that the walls where still just sandstone walls, this is something I do to keep a low profile, especially because I want to keep my base realistic looking, and not some giant cube placed on top of a spike looking rock-mountain. So I guess my second question would be, when I build a base combined with tire 1 and tire 3 building blocks, will everything decay at the same time? and if so, please make the tire 3 dominate the decay timer.

Hey Trausti,
Every building piece will add to a building’s overall building score, which the game then uses to calculate decay time. The score of a building piece depends on what type it is and which tier it is. Tier 3 foundations are “worth” more than Tier 1, for example. Combining the building pieces will net you a total sum.

Placeables (like pet pens) will inherit the building score from nearby buildings, but other building pieces do not. So if you’ve built a village, for example, each building will have a separate building score (and decay timer), and some might decay quicker than others depending on their size. Placeables will usually attach themselves to whatever building “owns” the land claim area it’s in. You can check a building or placeable’s decay timer by equipping a repair hammer and looking at the building/placeable.

It could very well be that you’ve placed your pet pen too far away from your structures, which then causes it to default back to it’s regular decay timer: about 2 hours.

Are you playing on your own server or a local game?


Thanks for the explanation Ignasis.

This decay timer is the single most important reason why people stop playing this game.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand why it’s there, I have been playing Conan Exiles from the very beginning, so I have seen how the game has been destroyed by players placing blocks all over the land, making it almost impossible to find a place to build. But 2 hours decay time for a pet cage that takes me 6 hour to make, please find your colleague that made that decision and give him a friendly smack in the head with the message “THIS NEEDS TWEAKING!”
Also the fish nets are gone over night, That just does not make sense. I’m not gonna have the fish nets inside my base. Just make them abandoned after 3 days or so, but still remain for another 2 weeks. If someone find them annoying during that time, they can just delete or steal them.

I do not play local game because I end up using the admin way to much, and that takes all the fun out of the game. Please for the love of Crom, don’t ask me to just not use admin.

I had a couple of servers on PC, but never had the time to create a community, so there were way to few playing on them. I have also played on many different private servers, but they have ended up wiping or the server has been deleted. So now I only play on Official servers, I know it’s an extra expense for Funcom, but that’s why I always buy the DLCs, so please keep them coming.

put your stuff on foundations, this will extend the timer up to 156 hours or something.

Although this is a solution to this problem, and I will from now on place all my stuff on foundation connected to my base, my main reason for creating this post was not for me to change how I play, but in hope that Funcom could make some tweaks so I could keep on playing the way I like.

Some placeables looks way better placed on the ground, especially pet pins and fish nets.

Bottom line is that I want to build realistic looking bases, even tough it often makes it more challenging defending the base from other players. AND I want to do this without loosing all my stuff to the decay timer every once in a short while.

you will have to play on private servers if you want things tweaked to your liking

You know Funcom actually listens to there players and tweak things accordingly, right?

I don’t expect them to tweak to my pleasings, all I can do is offer my opinions and hope that they will take them into consideration.

My guess is that I’m not only talking for myself.

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