Pet cage size, learn from the darfari


Can we get small cages too? the current ones are way to big and why cant we have something, the darfari managed to build?

there should be small, medium and large cages, the current should be the large ones.
small cages for small pets like hyenas, wolves etc.
medium for the small pets and medium pets like rocknose, alligator etc.
big ones for all kind of pets incl. rhinos or bigger.


That looks more like a trapped spider then a pet one…
But I still like your idea like a single cage .


yes, it is a wild trapped spider, but we also catch wild (young) animals. So there is not a big difference between these two, except we want ours to become tame one day.


:joy: :joy::joy: They use a cage
”what’s rong defari your pockets not big enough”


speaking of dafari cages… does anyone know their camp called “The Corner of Bones”?

there is a cage with a woman inside it (doesnt look dead, just laying on the floor trapped), is there anything we can do to free them or rescue them? (im sure once i was near there crouched, and a message saying Press E to interact appeared, but i cant seem to do anything else?


You need to break the cage with your weapon or tool then there is a note from Razma to read.


oh cool, thanks i didnt know that.
i tried a few hits and it didnt break before but i might have been using a cleaver or something else that was a tool.

i did manage to hack a rug on the floor the other day, near a small campfire, (didnt get anything for it but was surprised when it broke) so i will try this on the cage :slight_smile:


We’ve been discussing smaller pens but there was no decision made, yet :slight_smile:


thanks @nismo1969 i gave it about 4 full attacks with a sword and managed to break the cage and read the book :slight_smile:
(and then someone woke up near me and shouted out that i “must not read from the boooook” lol :smiley:


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