Pet: Camel Issues


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When walking, you cant even have the camel follow you. It is annoying that the camel jumps in front, and gets in your way, or bumps you all over. Running until stamina runs out works for a bit. Fighting Camel gets in your way.

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  1. Tame a Camel, hit follow, watch it get you annoyed.

Suggestion, reduce the camel to a 5 foot stop, follow. This should have been a good fix from the beginning.


Heya! Thanks for the report; this is a known issue that the team is working on. Sorry for the inconvenience!


мне часто приходится снимать браслет так как верблюд блокирует и не дает пройти!!! это проблема уже месяц существует но разработчики даже не думают об исправлении! игра умирает на самом начале!


I got my head stuck up a cammels behind. If you hit crouch. You can get out of it. Very annoying. I usually set it to guard close by, once I get to a spot I am farming Rock etc. The cammels don’t hold as much as I expected. Great game. I enjoy it. I’m new to gaming after 15 away from games. This type of game is new to me. Can’t get enough. :+1::+1:


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