Pet clipped through my wall and vanished

This is a new one for me. My caravan Rhino was doing his thing chilling in the courtyard of my base when it started to move around a bit like it was trying to get past the wall. Rhino vanish :man_shrugging:t2: I got no more info to give lol it just wasn’t there anymore. I checked the event log and it said that my caravan rhino went home. Only he didn’t lol :joy: is he gone for good?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey @Darkzombie

Did this happen in an online server, coop or single player?
If online, your rhino will come back to its last designated guarding spot after a designated amount of time, or on server restart (whatever comes first).

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Hi, it was online pve. I’ll check this morning but it’s already had one server restart and he didn’t. Come back. I’ll check this morning. Cheers for reply.

Nah he’s had two server restarts now and still nowhere to be seen :sob: my wall ate him.

Ok so just found him. He went to my black galleon outpost. He has been placed in at least 4 spots since there so not sure why he went there but glad to have him back :heart_eyes:

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Glad to hear you found your rhino. He might’ve had a wild night.
What happens in the black galleon stays in the black galleon. :wink:


Lol :joy:

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