Pet died in follow mode in my base

Game mode: [ Online official #1202 PvP ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvP ]
Region: [EU]
Char: [Spooner - Bleeding steel]

All my pets died in follow mode when i play in my base ( it’s not a raised base ) they just stuck outside and die, i can’t see nothing in the log. I see just a " ****** is dead and don’t follow you…*
No combat / No trap or pikes and i can’t find their corpse.

It’s already 12 hour of farm ruined with that bug

  1. Set follow mode
  2. Play outside
  3. Go back in my base and play inside
  4. Time to time your pet die
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Yog pits?

no, just a T1 foundation terrace

Which biome? Where is ur base located? Volcano maybe?

Nop, 10 - D.
It’s safe, nothing can kill them.
They just die under the map i think…

Hello Spooner, thank you for reaching out!

Could you please also share a couple of screenshots of your base and the spot of where they usually die? Are there no corpses left behind for you to suspect that they fall under the map?

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