Pet died while scouting

Took a level 10 greater bear to my starter base, in a safe area surrounded by other pets/thralls. Filled him up with inventory from the old base, and got another thrall to follow me to the new base. My greater bear was supposed to carry the inventory home on his own after his scouting was done. When he never appeared back at the new base, I checked the log and it said he died. Didn’t say “killed by an ” like others who died in combat. Just says he died. Had a full stack of honey in his inventory, too, so he didn’t starve; and starvation isn’t a thing now, anyway. Can anyone explain why this happened? Is there a chance they can get themselves killed while scouting? It was a PVE server with only my friend and me on it. He was not logged on, and even if he were, we are not hostile.

Where ur bear was standing at? Coords? Or pic on map?

also if they are scouting and get stuck on palisades they will bleed to death.

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