Pet keeps standing on what I'm mining and getting hit

EVERY time I am chopping a tree, mining a node, or skinning a kill, my pet inserts its snout under my pickaxe and gets hit; either that, or it’s standing RIGHT ON TOP of my latest kill… Can ya stand a meter to the right, please?

The pet being this close also causes the pet command wheel to appear when I am running forward, with my pet behind me, and hand-harvesting bushes… kinda annoying.


One solution to the commands triggering instead of picking things up - in your Keybindings tab (assuming you’re on PC) you can set ‘Command’ to a separate key - that way at least that stops happening.

As for the followers getting in the way (all the time…) - don’t you know they’re just trying to show how much they love you :wink:

We just put the pet on stand there and do nothing, and when we move, we move them too.

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