Pet nerf too much

And therein lies the difference. Farming is something that you can optimize, so it takes as little time as possible.

Farming is extremely easy these days, on official servers, with the “new” rates. You can get all the resources you need to a set of armor in a reasonably short time of active play. Thing is, in order to do get to the point where your farming is efficient, you have some ramping up to do. It’s a one-time cost you pay to get there, but once you’re there, you’re all set for maximum efficiency.

Raising greater pets is a cost you pay over and over and over, and there’s no way to optimize it.

RNG is what makes it a problem with time spent. RNG is the worst time sink in Conan Exiles.

Mod authors still have access to the witch dr feat btw



Yeah but no love for console players :sob:

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Well a single player admin could still spawn one for fun at least

We once could spawn crossbows as well, and we all see how that went.

Well in this case, dennis and crew intentionally left it in for modders to use, so, its safe. The crossbows are there too actually!

If an asset is still hidden in the game’s code, but not able to be spawned from the admin panel, that asset might as well not exist for console players.
And the Crossbow has been absent from the PS admin panel for months.

Edit: This one is glad it still exists, but wishes it could be accessed from the Admin Panel again.

The undead are a bit different which makes them safe. They have data tables attached to them that I suppose if removed would nerf them, but since they arent part of the game anymore, there’s no reason for those tables to be touched. Also the blueprints that they use for visuals have to be in the game to support the monster versions, so it wouldnt make sense to even remove for a performance improvement. Kinda like you can spawn ladagara or the arena champ (or most boss npcs) and use them if you want. The crossbow kinda looks like FC is saying “we reeeally want to use the crossbow at some point so leave the model, but rip the code so we can do whatever we want with it later”.

Valid point regarding the pet/thrall situation. The old version of the Kinslayer is even spawnable (this one misses that cheese monkey.

This one hopes you are correct in regards to the crossbow.

I have a theory that Crossbows may see a comeback.

A few years ago, they ceased functioning once they were removed from the regular game. Even spawning them in with commands and tools, they wouldn’t work.

Recently I was tinkering with some stuff and found a xx_ type item. These are weapons used by NPCs. It was a serpentman crossbow. The NPCs in the Well of Skelos I believe use these. I spawned one in because I was curious if they would work in the hands of a player.

They did.

So it made me even more curious, I loaded in the crossbow and heavy crossbow from early access. They still exist in the itemtable, even if they have the admin flag hidden.

They worked too.

Now they don’t cost stamina and their damage is minimal. But they worked.

Now before anyone gets their hopes up. This was with mods on (since I was using the same modlist as the server I play on). I haven’t been able to test this yet without mods. I fear that Immersive Armors indirectly enabled crossbows to work because their mod has a crossbow that works similarly.

So one of these days, I’ll need to try those crossbows without IA installed. If they work, then that means Funcom may have reenabled some previously disabled functions. It might have been to get the animations to work for those serpentmen only. But it also could mean that we might see Crossbows make a comeback sometime. Just a theory.

I used so many of them to kill the Giant snake or Scorpions when I did not want to deal with them. Not the strongest compared to a greater feline or a direwolf, but at least they didn’t die due to poison.
Sadly, no one survived the 3.0. :slightly_frowning_face:

Their advantage was armor. Their HP prior to 3.0 was where they were crap but after 3.0, their HP was spot on to what I thought it should be (around 3 to 3.5k after leveling) with 800 to 1000 armor.

I have hopes that there is a plan…just a body language thing from chapter 2 dev stream at a certain time when comments were about witch doctor stuff.

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Except that with thralls you can use a taskmaster to make breaking them faster where as pets you get…nothing. Also for thralls, yes you have to GIVE them armor and weapons, and bye doing so you GIVE them massive increases to their stats that pets cannot be given. Also, thralls can drink potions that pets can’t so they have that going for them also. There is literally zero upside to pets over thralls other than RP reasons. Oh and you can just put down a thrall right after breaking, they do have a weapon and can fight. Probably do just as good as you pet too (depending on the thrall likely survive longer as they will have more HP “out of the box”).



I wasn’t so lucky with HP, but their damage output was high. So after the patch, their HP was even lower, and first I specced into the perk that allowed them to heal outside of combat (silly me, first the new perk system was so strange), and I was like: “nice, I spend way more time running around, exploring stuff, gatering than actual fighting, this is great!” boooy, my first undead slave died so fast to a croc, I could not believe it!

So I hope too, that witch doctor stuff will be back soon™.

People keep saying pets don’t get any increase in craft speed and it makes me wonder have you all really not ever tried the t3 armored animal pen?
It’s not just for looks and added HP to the structure.
It taims pets in half the time of the t1 pen.
I’ll admit I have never tried the newer small 1 slot animal pen and if it gives the same craft time as the big t1 pen they should fix that by adding t2 and t3 versions but pets do still have an option for significantly increased taiming speed.


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Everyone here is complaining about the RNG and weakness of pets for the most part, two people inaccurately described the pets as not having any increase in craft speed available through lack of a Taskmaster :slight_smile: I’m sure we all use the T3 pen!

True, the T3 animal pen does increase crafting speed by +88%. A T4 taskmaster conversely increases crafting speed by +150%. Do those numbers look the same to you?

A T3 Animal pen can house 5 animals, 1 more than a T2 wheel of pain can house thralls. However a T3 wheel of pain can house 8 thralls. Again, more thralls and faster crafting speeds. You are still attempting to compare apples to oranges.

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