Pet Population Settings explained?

Greetings, can someone explain those settings more exactly?

MinionPopulationBaseValue <-- Max Amount of Pets/Thralls
MinionOverpopulationCleanup <- Clean up Pet/Thralls in minutes

But this: MinionPopulationPerPlayer

Example… i want that a whole Clan can own up to 40 Pets and Thralls with a Max Clan size of 4. So that means i set " MinionPopulationPerPlayer " to 10?

Or do I understand it completely different… the “MinionPopulationBaseValue” which sets the basic value and every additional player increases the limit by " X " which was set with “MinionPopulationPerPlayer”?

It’s a pain that the game manual is still not updated…

Base Value is what a single entity gets as a base number of thralls. Whether that entity is a solo player or a clan doesn’t matter - it’s going to be this value. On default settings this is 50.

Population Per Player is the bonus per player in that entity, including the first - default is 5.

This means that a clan of 1 (which is the same as a solo player) on default settings get 55 thralls: 50 base + 5 for their one player. A two-man clan gets 60 (50 base plus 2x5 for their two players) and so on and so forth.

You want a whole clan to be limited to 40 minions, with clans capped at four members. Ok, there’s multiple ways that can be achieved - do you want them to have 10 per member (up to their four member maximum) ? If so, set the base to zero and the Population Per Player to 10. Do you want them to have 40 whether they’re one person solo or the full 4 in a clan? If so, set the base to 40 and the Population Per Player to zero. I’m sure you get the picture :slight_smile: You can also set a base of 20 plus 5 per person, adds up to 40 for a 4-man clan, 25 for a solo player, and so on and so forth.


Thanks :]

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