PET stuck I have lost it. Could help me please?

server 1011 my bear was stuck near the elephant zone…now I have lost it? Could help me, please?
Thank you in advance

UPDATE: also my other pets stuck

You will need to provide way more information.

Plus just go to your follower menu tab for a sec and double check his location on your map by tracking him. He might show up so you can locate him. Sometimes when I get a thrall stuck I log off and log back on, and usually breaking the link like that will reset the thrall back to my base.

Hope you find him.

Thank you Mbeat…I will give it a try

mmh nothing but I see it on map

Ah perfect. So he’s not dead. Now just log off and back on and after a short period of time your thrall will teleport back to base. It took about 30 minutes for my thrall to reappear back at base. Hopefully this solves your problem.

So , to give a little more precision , your thrall will go back to the last position you set him up as guardian in the case where he is following you and you die or instruct him to stop following …

So if @Ghildemor has set his thrall on guardian where he sees it on the map , the thrall will remain there untill he go get it …

Thank you! at the end I rescued it and it appear at my base camp

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