Pet system 101: An introduction to Pets

Hey everyone,

Here is a quick introduction to the Pets System and how you raise and tame your own pets.

Obtaining Pets

In order to obtain a pet, you will need to interact with a baby animal in the world, or buy a baby/egg from a vendor.

  • Baby animals will then be picked up and put into your inventory.
  • Eggs slowly hatch over time into babies.
  • Baby animals decay over time into corpses unless converted into proper pets, leaving behind an “■■■ corpse” item.
  • Corpse items can be put into the liquid press to obtain various resources from them.

Rearing Pets

To convert a baby into a thrall, you need to build an Animal Pen. There are three tiers of animal pens. The feats can be learned at level 13, 27 and 42 respectively.

Pet food

Pets have a preference of food – the more appropriate food you give a baby animal, the higher chance it is that the baby animal grows up to become a special version.

Pet food is used in the Animal pen for rearing and for resource production.

Pet food can also be KIBBLED , meaning that if you go into the Moonlight Grove dungeon and get White Flowers from there, these flowers can be combined with various foods to create “Kibbled versions” of said food (for example, combining the White Flower with Savory Meat will produce “Kibbled Savory meat”). This is done in any cooking station (Campfire, bonfire).

Pets producing resources while in pens

While pets are grown up and in a pen, and given their favourite food, they produce resources. Typically the resource they produce is “Dung”, but other byproducts can also be attained randomly.


Dung is a new item, and can currently only be used to make fertilizer (this is another way of making fertilizer, essentially)

  • 5 plant fiber + 10 dung = Fertilizer in the Compost heap
  • 2 Fertilizer + 10 dung + 2 raw ash = Potent Fertilizer in the Compost heap

Placing pets as thralls

Once the baby has been converted into a proper pet, they can be taken out from the animal pen and placed in the world. From here-on-in, they work as a normal thrall would.

  • Pets have an inventory
  • Camels have a larger inventory
  • Pets have a custom side-bar with information about the pets

Pets and Hunger

Pets can die from hunger. If the pet does not have food in their inventory, they will die after a while.

There is a special item called a “Feeding Trough” that is learned at the same time as the “Apprentice Tamer” feat is learned. This item is a placeable that, when placed, distributes its inventory to nearby pets.

Feeding Troughs and Thrall Pots have a range of about 20 foundations. There’s no real limitation on how many pets can be fed by each pot, it depends on whether you are able to refill food quickly enough so the pot doesn’t run out.